Hail & wind damage repair in Aurora area

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Aurora residents are no strangers to the extreme thunderstorms that bring damaging hail every summer. The toll these storms take on residential roofing and siding systems can be quite drastic, which is why it’s fortunate Aurora homeowners have VIS Exterior, a roofing and siding contractor with highly qualified and experienced professionals, to look out for them.

We’ll thoroughly inspect your damage and make the necessary repairs, quickly.

Vinyl siding & roofing

Aurora hail damage inspection of your existing exteriors

Over time, regardless of the severity of storms and hail damage, a roofing system will deteriorate. To find out if your roof or siding have vulnerabilities, VIS Exterior will run through a complete inspection and determine what repairs need to be made or if a complete replacement is in order.

Inspections like this will lead to prolonged roof and siding life, but they also ensure that the interiors of the home are not compromised by the elements.

Siding damage repair from hail & wind

Hail and wind are the biggest threats to siding in Aurora. Unfortunately, the damage isn’t always obvious at first, which is how moisture slowly creeps in and becomes a major issue over time.

When you schedule an inspection, which is advisable after a hail and/or wind storm, we’ll determine the extent of the damage and recommend the next course of action that will keep your home safe and secure.

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Very efficient and professional

We used Val and the VIS team to repair some storm damage to our roof and siding. We decided to re-side the whole house instead of repair the 2 sides with damage and Val was very helpful with helping us decide which siding options would be best for our home. The team was very efficient and professional and Val himself did some of the major structure repairs that were needed. We are very happy with our new siding and even our neighbors love the color. We will definitely call Val for future roofing and window replacement needs.

Hail damage repair for any type of roofing material

Knowing what to look for after a hail storm requires experience in working with many different types of roofing materials.

With VIS Exterior on your side, we’ll provide you with an in-depth inspection that gets to the bottom of the issues impacting the quality of your roofing system, regardless of the material type, because we’ve worked with them all.

  • Hail damage to asphalt shingles

    Hail can cause a variety of damage to asphalt shingles, including dents, cracks, missing granules (the substance on top of the shingles that provide the first layer of protection) and tears.

    If the hail is large enough and accompanied by high wind speeds, there can even be holes present. What might not be visible are fractures to the fiberglass mats below the surface, and this is where VIS Exterior can help you out. Our inspection team knows what to look for and we’ll identify the hardest to find damage on your asphalt shingles.

  • Hail damage to wood shingles

    Fortunately, wood shingles hold up really well to hail, but when the weather is extreme enough, even a trusted wood shingled roof can fall victim. While minor dents and cracks in wood shingles don’t pose much of a threat and are considered “cosmetic” damages, larger cracks will allow moisture into the substructures, which will lead to severe damage over time, if not immediately.

    If you’ve had a hail storm with pieces of ice ¾-in. or larger hitting your wood shingles, your roof will definitely need an inspection.

Restore your Aurora home exterior from hail & wind damage

It’s important to jump on damages, whether it is on your roof or shingles, quickly after a hail and/or wind storm. One reason is that your insurance adjuster might claim the damage is due to “weathering” if you wait too long.

Let VIS Exterior come in and perform a thorough inspection. We’ll also communicate with your insurance company and walk them through our findings so you get the best coverage possible. VIS Exterior is on your side, Aurora homeowner!


Trust your roofing and siding needs to VIS Exterior and get the top-quality services we know you deserve.

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