Hail & Storm Damage Roofer to Repair and Replace Your Roof in DuPage County

As a hail and storm damage roofer, VIS Exterior has assisted many residents in DuPage County in determining whether their roof needs to be repaired or completely replaced. There are a variety of factors that go into determining what work is required, but a lot of it has to do with the severity of the storm and age of the roof. Older roofs do not hold up to hailstorms as well as newer roofs. For example, an asphalt-shingle roof has protective granules on the outer layer that will wear off over time. Without that protective layer, the underlayers become more susceptible to damage.

Shingle roofing after hail & wind damage in Naperville, IL
Shingle roofing after hail & wind damage in Naperville, IL

At VIS Exterior, we work with all types of roofing surfaces, the most common being asphalt shingles and cedar shake/shingles. We’ve seen just about every situation unfold after a hailstorm. If it’s severe enough (high winds and large, heavy hailstones), even the newest roofs can’t hold up to the punishment and will need either extensive repairs or complete replacement. Regardless of the situation, we’ve got you covered.

When you trust your roofing and siding needs to VIS Exterior, you get the top-quality services we know you deserve. Ready to become one of our happy customers? Schedule Your Free Estimate

Top-rated roofing services for storm damaged roofs

Hail repair roofing services from the best roofing contractors include a free roof inspection followed by a plan for taking care of the problems. Hail damage roof repair service from VIS Exterior includes personalized attention and excellent communication from professionals who really care about taking care of your damages.

Our hailstorm disaster roof repair services:

  • Free roof inspections to determine the extent of hail damage
  • Roof repair after hail and storm damage
  • Damaged roof replacement
  • Gutters and windows replacement
  • Storm damage insurance claims assistance
  • Free estimates for all recommended roof repairs

As you can see, our hail damage roofers have you covered. As a hail damage roofing contractor with years of experience under our belts, we know what to look for, expertly assess the damage and create a plan for fixing any issue, no matter how small or large.

Free hail damage roof inspection from a licensed roofing contractors

Following a hailstorm, it’s recommended to immediately schedule a hail damage roof inspection. At VIS Exterior, we offer free roof hail damage inspection services. As a licensed roofing contractor, our expertise is widely known in the DuPage County area, as homeowners have come to trust our brand and reputation for excellence. In all our years of providing much-needed roofing services, we’ve yet to have a complaint. And while that’s noteworthy, we’re more focused on exceeding expectations than living up to them.

Roofing contractor inspecting roof before work

There are other factors in storms that can also impact your roof, including high winds. As roofing systems age, they become less wind resistant and shingles can peel off when the wind reaches punishing speeds. Furthermore, shingles that aren’t stripped off by the wind can be damaged, which leads to moisture issues.

As you shop around for hail damage roofing contractors, keep VIS Exterior in mind, because we are the local roofing experts that live and work in the community and proudly serve area homeowners.

Highest rated hail and storm damage roof repair services near you

When you need storm damage roof repair services, you want someone local who can respond quickly and offer top-quality services. VIS Exterior offers storm damage roof repair skills that few others in the area possess. When a big storm comes through DuPage County, homeowners know they can contact us, get a free estimate of hail damage roof repair services and ensure that their home will not be further compromised.

royal siding shingle roofing

Don’t trust just any hail damage roofer with your home – bring in the trusted professionals with a proven track record. Hail damage roof repair is something we specialize in at VIS Exterior. We’ve repaired and replaced roofs of all kinds in DuPage County, so if you’re looking for an expert in hail damage roof repair near you, give us a call and we’ll come to your home, give your roof a thorough inspection and offer you a free estimate.

Hail & wind damage on roof shingles and cedar shakes

Hail damage on roof shingles, particularly hail damage on cedar shake roofs, can be quite severe when the hail is large and the wind speed is high. But over time, even the smallest hailstorms can begin to wear down cedar shakes. VIS Exterior is a storm damage roofing company with the unique skills required for repairing and replacing roofs.

Cedar and asphalt shingles roofing materials

Repair hail damage on asphalt shingle roofs

Hail damage to asphalt shingles is one of the major causes of insurance claims for homeowners during the stormy spring and summer months. A storm damage roofer with years of experience can assess the problem, determine the best course of action and keep your home safe from leaks that can ruin interior structures.

Smaller hailstones can chip away at the protective outer granules on asphalt shingles, causing cumulative damage that will eventually need to be addressed. Larger hailstones have the mass required to cause hail damage to roof shingles in a single storm. The shingles can be dented, cracked or even come off when the winds are high enough. These issues need immediate attention from an experienced roofing contractor.

At VIS Exterior, we have seen our share of hail damage to asphalt roof shingles and we know how to determine the severity of the damage. Whether you need repairs or a complete replacement, we’re the trusted professional that will be on your side.

Repair hail damage to cedar shake roof

The unique beauty of your cedar shake roof really takes a hit after a hailstorm. While most wood materials are able to resist a fair amount of impact, years of exposure and severe storms can cause hail damage to wood shake shingles, requiring a storm damage roofer to assess the problem areas.

Hail damage to a cedar shake roof can occur in smaller, specific areas of the roof, or it can be widespread and leave only a few shingles unscathed. In either case, these damaged areas need quick attention, because if they aren’t already allowing moisture into the interiors, the damage will only progress over time.

At VIS Exterior, we have worked with a variety of cedar roofing materials and have seen them in every stage of their life, from being installed to decades old and needing to be removed. Don’t trust anyone without extensive experience with cedar to address your needs following a hailstorm – contact us and schedule an inspection.

Complete roof replacement due to hail & storm damage

When the big thunderstorms with heavy hailstorms roll through DuPage County, they leave in their wake a multitude of homeowners who suddenly need the services of a hail damage roofer. In some cases, the roof only needs repairs here and there, but if a roofing system has been in place for decades, that hail damage might require a complete roof replacement.

vinyl siding roofing replacement after hail damage

Roof replacement due to hail damage can be a stressful situation unless you’re working with the right roofing contractor. For example, when you work with VIS Exterior, you get a contractor that knows what to look for and can determine if you need a complete replacement with one inspection. Furthermore, we are experienced at working with insurance adjusters and guide them through our findings, which ensures you get everything paid for that your policy allows.

Whether your roof is getting old and has seen too many hailstorms or you just had a big one hit your home and you need some professional guidance, contact us and we’ll help you out.

Storm and hail damage roof insurance claims assistance

Insurance claims caused by hail are fairly common in DuPage County. It’s an unfortunate fact of life living in this region where hailstorms occur up to four times a year on average, but it can be worse some years, such as in 2013 when 15 hailstorms were reported. Hail damage roof insurance claims can be difficult to navigate unless you’ve got an experienced professional working for you.

At VIS Exterior, we deal with insurance adjusters so you don’t have to. Whether it's a roof damage insurance claim for wind or for hail, we will take care of everything for you. The storm damage insurance claim process is something we’re so familiar with that we have zero problems taking the reins on your claim.

As a storm damage roofing company that has worked with homeowners throughout DuPage County, we take our findings from our thorough inspection and map out all the areas of the roof that will need assistance. We also use this data to communicate with your insurance company and make sure you are covered under everything your policy allows.

How much does hail damage roof repair or replacement cost?

The ballpark figure that most hail damage roof replacement costs are based on is for a 2,000-square-foot home undergoing an asphalt shingle roof replacement. Material and labor expenses range between $7,000 and $10,000. What we do at VIS Exterior is give you an accurate estimate and work with your insurance company so you’re not paying anything above your insurance deductible that you’re not responsible for.

Roofing contractor car from a rooftop

Hail damage roof replacement cost estimates can vary wildly depending on how basic or complex the home/roof is. Large roofs with a steep grade and abundant features will cost the most because it takes more material to cover them and far more labor than a roof that is smaller, less steep and nearly void of features.

Hail damage roofing contractors with years of experience will know fairly quickly how much labor and materials will be needed for a roof replacement. Furthermore, hail damaged roof repair costs can also be quickly summed up by an expert. That’s what we offer at VIS Exterior.

Choose highly trusted hail damage roofing contractors in your area

VIS Exterior is proud to be the go-to local hail damage roofing contractor for DuPage County homeowners who need fast but accurate assistance. We’ve developed a reputation after serving the region for two decades, offering transformative services at a competitive price. While we know we offer premium services at a competitive price, our clients are the best judges of our work and we’ve yet to receive a complaint. Rather, we keep hearing that we’re easy to work with, that our approach to what we do separates us from the competition and that we often exceed the expectations of the customer.

VIS Exterior Completed Roofing & Siding Projects

    Why choose us for your hail damage roof repair project? For starters, we’re certified, bonded and insured. We only hire quality roofers who know exactly how to approach every job, regardless of how unique it is. We also only work with the best materials and we’re certified with them, so you get our workmanship warranty and the roofing material manufacturers’ warranty on their materials.

    Go to our review page and see what our customers say about our approach to quality. We’re a storm damage roofing contractor you can trust with your home, so contact us and let’s make sure your home gets in tip-top shape.