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The most important aspect of siding is its ability to protect the home. It keeps the elements from penetrating into your house and it keeps all the pests out, but it also has another function – it provides a pleasing aesthetic that boosts your home’s curb appeal.

Of course, without the right siding contractor working for you, your siding will not work as advertised. Aurora residents deserve siding that will provide long-lasting beauty and VIS Exterior is the contractor you can depend upon to deliver the goods. We know the elements can be extreme in Aurora – steaming hot summers and brutally cold winters – which is why having a high-quality team of professionals installing your siding is important.

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We’re focused on getting you the siding that will please your aesthetic sensibilities, but we’re also committed to installing it in such a way that your home becomes more energy efficient and protected from the elements.

Choose the right type of material to replace your siding

Just as you have choices when it comes to which siding contractor you work with, you also have choices when it comes to the material and style of siding that goes on your home.

Do you want to stand out and choose a siding type that differs from your neighbors? Do you have a flexible budget for more exotic materials? Or, are you on a tight budget and just want to get something basic?

It’s really up to you, but the following are some of the more popular types of residential siding we use:

  • Vinyl siding replacement

    We can quickly and easily (depending on the architecture of the home) replace vinyl siding, usually in one day. We have a variety of vinyl siding colors and styles from which to choose.

  • Cedar siding replacement

    Replacing cedar takes a professional’s touch, and after years and years of installing this material, we’re experts at it. We know all the tricks of the trade, which means your cedar siding will perform spectacularly for years.

  • James Hardie fiber cement siding replacement

    Heavier than vinyl and cedar, James Hardie fiber cement is a little more labor intensive to replace, and it too has its own special installation picadillos, but again, our experience makes all the complexities seem trivial.

  • LP SmartSide wood siding replacement

    SmartSide wood siding hasn’t been on the market for as long as most of the other materials, but it is one of our most popular to replace. When using nails to install this siding, they can’t be driven in too deeply. There are many little tips like these that we know about, which means our Aurora customers are covered when they choose us for their SmartSide replacement.

There’s really no “wrong” choice to make here. The only mistake is choosing a substandard contractor to replace your siding. Partner with VIS Exterior and realize the difference a top-quality contractor can make on the outcome of your siding project.

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The house looks brand new

Highly recommend! We are very pleased with the work done by VIS Exterior. The bid was honest, competitive, and given without a long sales pitch. Val and his team were prompt and worked long hours to complete the work on the house, including rebuilding the four front columns. Also, Val was very easy to work with, and went out of his way to make sure the house looked its best. The siding is high quality and the house looks brand new! I absolutely recommend VIS Exterior.

Best siding installation services at affordable prices in Aurora

We don’t aim just to be competitive, we aim to offer complete customer satisfaction. That means that our Aurora customers who come to us know they’re getting a fair and competitive price for our high-quality siding installation services. We pay close attention to every detail, ensure our workspaces are safe and cleaned up as the project progresses.

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Vinyl siding installation

Vinyl siding is extremely versatile, comes in just about any color you can think of and just about as many shapes. And while this versatility is a plus, many of our customers choose this durable material for its low cost.

Vinyl is installed on homes throughout the United States, and Aurora residents are no different – they too are big fans of this material.

Cedar siding installation

Few siding materials can offer the same rustic look you get from cedar. While it’s a costly material and takes a skilled hand to install, it will last for years and years if properly maintained.

Cedar is also known for its insulation qualities, but you need to make sure you treat it every couple of years so it remains water resistant. Cedar is one of the lightest commercial softwoods, but its low density is also what makes it a great insulator. It has dimensional stability, which means it discharges moisture, and it’s shrinkage factor is quite low.

James Hardie fiber cement siding installation

If you’re looking for a durable and resistant material, James Hardie fiber cement siding is your top choice. And while the durability and resistance to weather and fire are reasons to gravitate toward this product, it’s the wood texture that has many homeowners clambering to it.

It’s been known to last so long that for some homeowners, this will be the last siding they put on their home.

LP SmartSide wood siding installation

Manufactured from engineered natural wood, this material offers just about everything you’re looking for in siding – durability, a natural wood look, impact damage resistance and longevity. The company offers a great warranty, which is another reason why homeowners in Aurora are flocking to this product.

VIS Exterior has worked with many homeowners installing LP SmartSide, making us the go-to contractor.

Get a quality siding replacement from a local siding contractor in Aurora

If you want to work with a contractor that is local and someone you can trust, VIS Exterior is the siding contractor for Aurora homeowners like you.

Our customer-centric way of doing business speaks for itself. For example, if your home has been damaged by hail, we’ll walk your insurance adjuster through our inspection, ensuring that everything the insurers can cover will be covered.

From the initial inspection to our final walkaround of a finished siding installation job, we’re entirely focused on pleasing our Aurora customers, so contact us today and schedule an inspection.


Trust your roofing and siding needs to VIS Exterior and get the top-quality services we know you deserve.

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