Hail & Storm Damage Contractor to Repair Your Roof & Siding in DuPage County

DuPage County homeowners rely on VIS Exterior as their preferred storm damage contractor for hailstorm damage repair on roofs and siding. If you’ve recently experienced a hailstorm or have concerns after years of exposure to the elements, you need a hail damage contractor. The first step is to schedule an inspection with us so we can survey the property and give it a thorough inspection. Our experts will assess the roof and siding and determine the best possible move forward, which could be minor to major repairs of a full replacement. Regardless of the extent of the work, we’re bringing our “A game” to every project.

One of the advantages of working with VIS Exterior for roof repair, siding repair or replacement, is that we are also experts in dealing with insurance companies. Homeowners working with their insurance adjusters will sometimes find that things that should be covered aren’t. When we walk the adjuster through the finding of our inspection, we help them understand the full extent of the hail damage and help you get better insurance coverage.

We offer:

  • Free thorough roof and siding inspection for damages.
  • Free estimates for all recommended repairs.
  • We deal with an insurance company so you get an honest assessment.
  • Prompt, expert repair or replacement of storm-damaged elements.
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House damage caused by hailstorms in your area

Hail damage roof and siding projects are not unusual in DuPage County, where summer storms bring in their fair share of hail. In fact, hail damage house work is a specialty of VIS Exterior, as we’re based in an area where the frequency of these hailstorms averages around four per year (and sometimes many more), so there are plenty of chances over the lifetime of a roof or the siding on a home to be subjected to being pelted.

Hail damage roof and siding experts can carefully look over a home and determine the extent of the damage. That’s what we offer at VIS Exterior – expert inspection services, as well as repair and complete replacement services. When house damage caused by hailstorms occurs in DuPage County, we’re the go-to contractor for taking care of that damage, fast and efficiently, but at a competitive price.

Shingle roofing after hail & wind damage in Naperville, IL
Shingle roofing after hail & wind damage in Naperville, IL

Residential hail and storm damage repair services

The damage caused by hail isn’t always immediately apparent. However, when a storm rips through your area, hail and storm damage repair services may be what you need in the very near future, as small damages now can turn into significant ones later.

We offer the following hail damage repair services:

  • Free inspections after hail and wind damage
  • Roof and siding repair after hail and storm damage
  • Damaged roof and siding replacement
  • Gutters and windows replacement
  • Storm damage insurance claim assistance
  • Free hail damage estimates

When you need fast and professional assistance following a storm, contact us at VIS Exterior and we’ll make sure you get the help you need.

Free hail and storm damage inspections

When debris meets wind and becomes airborne, bad things happen to siding and roofs. In fact, everything involved in a roofing system can be a casualty, from skylights to flashing, vent hoods to vent stacks, chimney caps to gutters. That’s why storm damage inspection of siding and the entire roofing system is so important following a storm. Hail damage inspection services will involve checking all the areas of roof and siding, especially those you can’t see from the ground.

vinyl siding after hail

Roof inspection service after a hailstorm looks further than the usual dents caused by high speed projectiles, which includes hail, branches and other debris that is launched into your roof. While you might not see any visual damage from the ground, roofing inspectors know what to look for and determine the extent of the damage. For a free roof hail inspection, contact VIS Exterior and we’ll send a qualified professional to check out your property.

Quick hail and storm damage roof repair and leak prevention

Whether it’s hail damage to wood shake shingles or hail damage on a shingled roof, VIS Exterior knows time is of the essence. Hail damage to roof surfaces might seem minor, but it can lead to major problems in a very short amount of time. If you believe you have storm damage roof repair needs, call on us to determine the extent of the damage and we will ensure that you will not experience any leaks.

Roofing services

Reacting quickly following a storm can be the difference between minor repairs now or major work later. When hail hits shingles, the damage can be immediate, yet not seem that bad. Indentions on shingles can lead to water pooling, which will eventually lead to leakage. At VIS Exterior, we make your property a priority. Our fast response leads to fast action, which means your home will be safe in our hands.

Hail and storm-damaged siding repair

Hail damage siding repair is one of our expert services at VIS Exterior. Hail damaged siding is not uncommon in this area of the country and can range from minor cosmetic issues to full-on cracks and damages that require immediate action. For example, hail damage to vinyl siding can be unsightly, but the real danger lies in the siding’s ability to prevent water from entering the interior surfaces.

Vinyl house photo combination showing exterior damage before and after siding replacement

Hail damage to wood siding can be similarly troublesome. There are many different components to siding of a home, whether it’s vinyl or wood, and carefully inspecting every part of the system will determine the next move. In some cases, fast and simple repairs can be made. When storm damage to siding is more extensive, partial or full replacement of the siding system could be the result. VIS Exterior has plenty of experience dealing with siding that has been damaged by hail and debris from high winds. Let us take care of your siding needs.

Full roof replacement after hail & storm damage from certified roofers

Only trust certified roofers to handle your full roof replacement. Wind damage roof replacement projects are common services provided by VIS Exterior, as we’re certified to work with a variety of material types from the best manufacturers on the market. When we tackle a storm roof replacement job, we bring out professional roofers that have seen it all and can easily handle the most complex roofing systems.

asphalt shingle roofing

Roof replacement after a hailstorm needs to be handled quickly, but efficiently. Before the next heavy rain comes through the region, your roof needs to be completely repaired so it can protect the contents of your home. If you’re looking for a hail damage roofer with years or experience, look no further than VIS Exterior.

Hailstorm damage insurance claim experts

When you partner with VIS Exterior, you’re getting a qualified and experienced roofing professional, but you’re also partnering with a contractor that knows how to deal with insurance claims. Following a big storm, many homeowners make the mistake of calling their insurance companies first, which can lead to mismanaged claims. Don’t risk getting hit with higher premiums by filing a claim that you didn’t actually need to file. In some situations, the damage you believe to be extensive might be minimal and only require minor, inexpensive repairs.

At VIS Exterior, we deal with insurance companies almost every day. Contact us first and we’ll look at the damages and determine how extensive they are. Should you need to file a claim, the process can be complex to navigate, which is why you should allow us to work with your adjustor to ensure you’re covered for everything you’re entitled to. It’s just part of what we offer to our customers, taking some of the stress out of the process for them.

Average insurance payout for hail and wind damage roof

According to State Farm, the average insurance payout for hail damaged homes was $12,000 in 2020. Of course, that takes into account all claims, large and small. Wind and hail damage insurance claims are among the most often used by homeowners, as Mother Nature can unleash her wrath at any given moment during the stormy spring and summer months.

Most insurance companies require you to file a claim within a year of the damage occurring, however, waiting that long is rarely, if ever, recommended. Not all cases involve an increase in premiums when you file a claim, because wind and hail damage insurance claims are of no fault of the homeowner. However, premiums can go up if claims are filed within three years of each other, which is why it’s important that every claim matters.

Get a free hail damage estimate for all recommended roof & siding

Don’t wait around before getting your hail damage estimate. When you need roof repair and siding repair, your best option is to get it taken care of before moisture has a chance to get inside your home, into your walls and cause more damage. Get a head start and contact the leading storm damage repair contractor, VIS Exterior, as soon as possible and we’ll get you a free hail damage estimate.

vinyl siding shingle roofing

When storm damage occurs, it can impact the roof, siding or both, which means having a contractor do an inspection on both will be a big benefit to you. At VIS Exterior, we specialize in storm damage repairs to roofs and siding, so we’ve got you covered.

What to do after hail and storm damage to your home?

Roof damage from hail usually happens with little to no warning, and even if there was a warning, there isn’t a lot you can do to protect your roof from it. So, your hail-damaged home needs attention, call on a professional, trusted and experienced contractor that handles all types of wind damage or hail damage. That’s what we do at VIS Exterior – assist our customers with fast, friendly and professional services immediately following a big storm.

Rather than calling your insurance company, call us and we’ll come out and investigate the damage to the siding and the roof. In the meantime, you can document when the storm occurred and how long it lasted. Search for damage and take photos. You can even take photos of the hail to verify the size of the stones. If we find damage that needs to be repaired, we’ll deal with the insurance agency for you.

STEP 1: Visually Inspect Your House Exterior

When it is safe to go outside, take a good look at your siding and roof. Do you see dents or impact damage? Look for marks, scuffs or any disfiguration.

STEP 2: Contact a Roofing & Siding Expert

If you think you see damage, don’t file a claim. Instead, call VIS and have us come out to make an assessment. If the damage is worthy of a claim, we’ll let you know. The problem with filing a claim when there is no actual damage is that you can see an increase in your premium from your insurance company.

STEP 3: Explain the Full Extent of the Damage

When describing the damage you see, give as much detail as possible. Is the damage extensive or is it confined to specific areas of the roof? Do you see dents or are there actual holes in the roof? Furthermore, are any shingles missing or partially removed?

STEP 4: Arrange an On-Site Inspection

Armed with the information you’ve given us about the damage on your home, we’ll have a pretty good idea of what is going on and how quickly we’ll need to get there for a more thorough inspection. We’ll set up a date and time that works for you and our expert inspector will be there.

WHAT’S NEXT? We’ll take it from here, keeping your stress level to a minimum

  • We fully document damage prior to doing any work, which ensures your claim will be approved.
  • We will meet your insurance company’s adjuster at your property to go over all the property damage and make sure nothing is missed.
  • We are happy to continue to work with your insurance company and be a resource for you throughout the claims process. We care about your loss and want to keep your stress level to a minimum.

Contact the best local hailstorm damage repair company in DuPage County

DuPage County homeowners know VIS Exterior as the leading storm damage repair company. Because we’re a local roof and siding repair company, we take extra pride in the work we do, because we live and work among DuPage County residents. Keep in mind that after a hailstorm, you need to contact us before your insurance company and we’ll give you a free estimate of the work that needs to be done.

VIS Exterior Completed Roofing & Siding Projects

    In some cases, even though the storm seems fairly brutal, no damage occurs, which means you can avoid getting a claim started with your insurance company when it is not needed. Should you require work, we’ll have all the information you need to get a claim started. With all the necessary documentation in hand, you have a better chance of getting the coverage you deserve.

    VIS Exterior has worked with many, many insurance adjusters and we can ease the process along for you, too. The next time a big storm rips through DuPage County, get the ball rolling in the right direction by contacting VIS Exterior and scheduling your free estimate.