Limited workmanship warranty for siding, roofing, soffit and fascia, gutters, window & door capping

5 year warranty
For siding, soffit and fascia, gutters, window & door capping
10 year warranty
For roofing

Following the installation of a complete siding or roofing system by VIS Exterior Corp. on the residence owner’s property, our company shall warrant all workmanship related to the installation of siding or roofing products for the original customer only. This warranty shall include any or all of the following: siding, roofing and all component parts installation, soffit and fascia installation, gutter and downspout installation, window and door aluminum capping installation.

The following limitations apply:

  1. Matters related to the installation of Customer’s siding/roofing system wherein Company and/or its representatives did not perform the original installation. Any alteration, addition or repairs made by others that affect the original installed siding/roofing system by Company including but not limited to: utility installations, additions to the structure, satellite TV dishes, antennas, or any other penetration to the siding/roofing system which are caused by construction or installations performed after the completion and acceptance of the siding system by Customer.
  2. Any damage to the Company’s installed siding/roofing system caused or affected by manmade occurrences, or natural causes or occurrences including: lightning, fire, insect infestation, earthquake, tornado, hail, sleet, ice, hurricanes or wind gusts that exceed the product manufacturer’s warranty and specifications.
  3. Any damage to the Company’s installed siding/roofing system by intentional or negligent acts, accident, abuse, vandalism, civil disobedience, or other such occurrences including the Customer’s failure to use reasonable care in protecting Company installed siding/roofing system from damage.
  4. Any damage created by environmental conditions affecting the residence building including: chemicals, cleaning chemicals, acids, solvents, or any other harmful material that contacts the Company installed siding/roofing system and causes damage including but not limited to: pressure washing, or other cleaning methods using air or water pressure.
  5. Damages caused by a failure of any part of Customer’s residence building components that affect the Company installed Siding/roofing system such as: substrate, building structural failures, wall systems, brick or mortar, defective chimneys, and HVAC system equipment.
  6. Any product defect covered under the product manufacturer’s warranty. Any product defect must be reported to the product manufacturer as outlined in the specific product warranty. Company is not responsible for repair or replacement of any product deemed to be the result of a manufacturer’s defect.
  7. Any claims for damage, lost profits, loss of use, mold contamination as the result of water leakage, loss or damage to contents of Customer’s residence or any other consequential damages.

Notification by customer

Customer’s written notification of active workmanship related problems shall be delivered to Company at VIS EXTERIOR CORP, 10S020 LORRAINE, WILLOWBROOK, IL, 60527 no later than thirty (30) days following the date Customer first discovered the workmanship problem and before the expiration of this Limited Workmanship Warranty period. Failure of Customer to report and deliver notification of workmanship related problems in a timely manner to the Company shall nullify Company’s Limited Workmanship Warranty regardless of the date of first occurrence. Customer’s written notification shall constitute Company’s authority to enter the residence during normal business hours with 24 hour prior notice to Customer in order to investigate or repair the reported workmanship related problems.

This Limited Workmanship Warranty describes the Company's total responsibility to the Customer. There are no other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of fitness for Customer’s intended use. This warranty shall at all times be governed by and interpreted pursuant to the laws of the State of Illinois.

This Limited Workmanship Warranty becomes effective only after full payment for the complete project has been received by Company and after this Limited Workmanship Warranty has been approved and signed by Customer and Company Representative.

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