Hail & Storm Damage Siding Repair Contractor in DuPage County

A storm has blown through DuPage County and it has left its mark on your siding. What do you do next? At VIS Exterior, we know your first call should be to a quality hail damage contractor that can get you a free estimate of the costs for repair or replacement of your siding and map out a plan that will keep your home safe and secure, free from the risk of moisture getting into interior layers.

vinyl siding after hail downers grove
Vinyl siding after hail in Downers Grove, IL

VIS Exterior is a storm damage contractor that is fast to respond to DuPage County homeowners who have experienced hail damage. With an average of around four hailstorms per year in the region, there are plenty of chances every year for the punishing effects of hail to make an impact on the quality of your siding. While the first thought upon seeing the damage is that it is unsightly, the bigger problem is that moisture can more easily get inside a home with damaged siding. We’re the siding repair contractors that can help you with all your needs following a storm, including working with your insurance company on your claim.

When you trust your roofing and siding needs to VIS Exterior, you get the top-quality services we know you deserve. Ready to become one of our happy customers? Schedule Your Free Estimate

Top-rated siding services after hail and storm damaged house

Hail damaged houses in DuPage County require the services of a quality storm damage contractor; one that can be trusted to deliver exceptional services at a fair price. Siding services, including siding repair and replacement, is the expertise of the professionals at VIS Exterior. We have offered hail damage siding repair services for more than 20 years, bringing our approach to quality workmanship to the people we live and work around. As a local roofing contractor, you get fast and accurate services when you call us in for a siding job.

Our hailstorm disaster siding repair services:

  • Free siding inspection assessment of damages
  • Siding repair after hail and storm damage
  • Damaged siding replacement
  • Gutters and windows replacement
  • Storm damage insurance claims assistance
  • Free estimates for all recommended siding repairs

Schedule a free siding inspection after hail and we’ll send a highly experienced storm damage siding expert to your home and thoroughly inspect all the surfaces.

Free hail and storm damage inspection from licensed siding contractors

Only trust licensed siding contractors to provide hail damage inspection services. At VIS Exterior, we’re proud to offer our hail damage inspection free of charge. Our siding inspection approach is to be as thorough as possible, ensuring that if there is even the slightest amount of damage to your siding, we’ll find it. We document all of our findings and present them to the insurance company so you get all the coverage possible in your claim.

Vinyl house photo combination showing exterior damage before and after siding replacement

Storm damage inspection services are initiated shortly after you contact VIS Exterior. We’ll schedule a time that is convenient for you to have our professional siding contractors visit your home. Once we’ve done our inspection, we will determine whether your home needs repairs or complete replacement of the siding. Given our years of experience, we know exactly what to look for.

Hail less than an inch in diameter can damage siding. Sometimes, it’s not as evident as the damage left by larger hail stones that come down in a supercell thunderstorm. However, in a case where cumulative damages occur after years of hailstorms, some areas of the siding are more at risk of letting moisture in. Our free hailstorm damage inspection will reveal these areas.

The trusted hail and storm damage siding repair services near you

There are many advantages to shopping local, and when you partner with VIS Exterior for your storm damage siding repair project, you’re getting a siding repair contractor that is near you and eager to serve the community.

vinyl siding roof replacement after hail damage

Aside from being local, you also need assurances that your contractor knows what they’re doing, will complete the work on time and at a fair price. Fortunately, VIS Exterior is not only local, but we’re also a trusted storm damage siding repair specialist with many happy customers singing our praises.

Hail damage siding repair projects have been a frequent request from our DuPage County customers. In every case, we determine the extent of the damage and draw up a plan to remedy the issues. In some cases, simple repairs are in order, while in others, the damage is significant enough to warrant replacement of the siding. We’ll help you choose the siding that’s best for your house and your budget.

Hail & wind damage to a variety of siding materials

Hail damage to siding can come in many forms, from small dents and cracks to missing areas of siding. Whether it’s vinyl or cedar, VIS Exterior is the storm damage repair contractor that can help you out.

lp smooth smartside siding hinsdale

Vinyl siding hail damage repair

Vinyl siding hail damage generally presents as dents. While these are unsightly and can really bring down the curb appeal of your home, the bigger issue is that these dents could lead to moisture getting under your siding and leaking into your home. Wind damage to vinyl siding is also an issue that requires the services of a professional.

As vinyl siding ages, it becomes more susceptible to hail damage. Even the smaller hailstones can cause dents and perhaps even holes on these weaker, aged materials. Cracking and chipping are also obvious signs that your vinyl siding has taken on severe damages that will require extensive repair or replacement. VIS Exterior is the siding repair contractor you can trust.

Cedar siding hail damage repair

Not unlike vinyl siding, cedar siding hail damage gets more severe as the wood ages and loses its protective properties. Siding repair contractors with experience are able to spot problem areas that might not look like huge issues, but could result in leaks later.

Wind damage siding repairs are also what VIS Exterior brings to the table for our clients with cedar siding. The bigger the storm, the more debris that gets whipped into the air and collides with the siding of the home. From rocks and pebbles to branches and other debris, they can all cause damages to the wood siding. We have the expertise to handle everything from small repairs to full replacement.

Storm and hail damage siding insurance claims assistance

Hail damage siding insurance claims are among the most frequently failed claims by homeowners in DuPage County. Going through this process can be a hassle unless you’re partnering with the right hail damage contractors. At VIS Exterior, we offer our clients this value-added service of dealing directly with the insurance company for you, presenting our findings and ensuring you get the coverage you pay for in your monthly premium.

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The average size home in Chicago is 1,600 square feet, so with that in mind, the average cost is between $4,900 and $6,800. If you live in a very small home, you’re going to come in under the lowest estimate, most likely. If you live in an extremely large home, you’re probably going to see your cost balloon well past the high estimate.

Our goal is to get to your home and inspect the siding as quickly as possible so you can get your repairs or replacement done in as little time as possible, so your home isn’t vulnerable to the next rainstorm that comes through the area. While speed is important, we’re also focused on getting the job done right.

How much does hail damage siding replacement or repair cost?

Quality hail damage repair contractors are focused on inspections that consider every part of the siding of a home, surveying for damages and assessing the next steps. While our hail damage inspections are free, VIS Exterior is able to come up with an accurate estimate of the costs associated with repairs or replacement of the siding, whether it’s vinyl or cedar.

Vinyl is less expensive to repair and replace than cedar. Another factor that can influence cost is how difficult the siding will be to repair or replace. For example, if a damaged area is in a hard-to-reach place, it will take longer to fix. Similarly, with replacing siding, the larger and more complex a home is to work on, the more it will cost in materials and labor.

No matter what the cost, at VIS Exterior, we work closely with your insurance company so you only pay your insurance deductible and nothing more. Year after year you pay your insurance premium, so it’s only fair that the insurance company covers you when you experience hail or wind damage. When you work with us, we make that a reality.

Choose a reliable hail damage siding repair company in your area

When you experience hail damage to siding on your home, you need a qualified, trusted and experienced siding repair company to respond. At VIS Exterior, we know that when DuPage County homeowners experience damage to their homes, it’s a nerve-racking situation that shouldn’t be worsened by dealing with a contractor that doesn’t know what they’re doing.

VIS Exterior Completed Roofing & Siding Projects

    As a licensed, insured and certified siding contractor, we have exemplified what it means to be a trustworthy hail damage siding contractor that responds to the needs of the people who are vulnerable and could use a trustworthy professional in their corner. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is a distinction we’ve earned after 20 years serving our clients, and we continue to be passionate about delivering the best possible customer services.

    If you’ve got questions about how to proceed after a wind or hailstorm, just contact us and we’ll lead you through the steps, ensuring that your inspection is thorough and that the next steps in the process are clearly understood. Furthermore, we’ll deal with your insurance company to make sure you’re covered.