Roof Replacement, Repair and Installation Costs in DuPage County

We’d like them to last forever, but your roof has a life expectancy, generally no more than 20-25 years (asphalt shingle – other materials, such as slate, which is quite costly, last longer). With some general maintenance, DuPage County residents can prevent leaks, total roof system failure and protect everything under it. However, one day that roof will need a complete replacement, so the big question is – “what will whole roof replacement cost?”

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The average cost of installing a new roof in DuPage County can vary widely because the larger the home, the more square footage the roof is, which adds to the cost. When you work with a trained professional, they’ll be able to give you an accurate estimate about the cost before you sign off on the work.

But to answer the overarching question, the average cost to replace a roof is about $7,500 but we’ll get deeper into the numbers and how your installation project could come in far less or much more than that figure.

What does the total cost of roof replacement depend on?

While bigger usually means it’s going to cost more, the design of the roof can also impact cost. The more complex the structure, the longer your roofers will be up there laboring. The pitch of the roof can also be a variable, as the steeper incline can make installation more difficult.

If your roof has multiple skylights, gables, steep pitch, numerous vents – you’re looking at a more expensive project. Any one of these, on their own, can add to the cost of a roofing project.

Let’s say you’ve got a 2,000 square foot home and you have a new asphalt shingle roof installed; the cost is going to be between $7,000 and $10,000. To get a better idea of what you’re going to spend, if you look at your roof and see that the pitch is not severe at all (4.5 percent is a normal pitch), you have no skylights or gables and only a few vents, you’re probably going to be on the lower end.

New Asphalt shingle and cedar shake roof replacement cost in Dupage County

How much does a new roof installation cost on a 2,000 square foot house?

First off, we need to establish what a “square” is. Roofers refer to 100 square feet as a “square.” Most asphalt shingles come in bundles that will cover roughly 1/3rd of a square. So, a roofer would look at a 2,000 square foot roof and calculate the materials needed to cover 20 “squares,” which means they’d start with an order of 60 bundles of shingles.

The average roof installation is between $250 and $1000 per square. Again that depends on the roofing material you’re using, and you also have to account for size and complexity. That number also factors in waste removal.

The breakdown on the total cost is 40 percent going to materials and 60 to percent labor. And the labor adds up when you think about all that goes in to a roofing job, from setting up the job site, getting on and off the roof in a safe manner, installing plywood (doesn’t always have to be done), putting down the felt underlayment, nailing in the shingles and then cleaning up the job site – it all takes time and a lot of effort.

Average roof replacement cost in the DuPage County area

For DuPage County homeowners, the following are what you can expect to pay:

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Cost of asphalt shingle roof installation

  • The average is between $250 and $350 per square of standard quality over an existing roof, but that does not include a labor warranty and mostly serves as an aesthetic function.
  • If the existing roof needs to be torn off, expect to pay between $300 and $450 per square for standard quality asphalt shingle installation. At VIS, we offer a 10-year full labor warranty.

Cost of asphalt shingle roof repair

  • DuPage residents pay between $70 and $100 per hour, but materials are added on top of that.

Cost of wood shake roof installation

  • DuPage residents looking for a premium material, expect to pay between $587 and $772 per square for wood shake installation with no tear off required, which means this cost represents new construction.

The average cost for a three-tab shingle roofing system is $2,500, just for the materials. Fortunately, you’ve got loads of options when it comes to color and shape of asphalt shingles, but a square will typically cost between $80 and $100. You also have to add in the cost of felt, which goes under the shingles, and galvanized nails to secure the shingles to the roof.

Average cost to replace asphalt shingle roof

The size and complexity of your roof system will determine how much an asphalt shingle roof replacement will cost. Most homeowners in our region pay between $7,000 and $10,000, making the average around $8,500 for an asphalt shingle roof.

There are three popular types of asphalt shingles on the market today. They include the three-tab shingles, which are affordable and one of the most popular. Lightweight and designed to live up to the elements, they have a life expectancy of around 20 years.

Another type is the dimensional shingle. They are more costly than three-tab shingles, but last for around 30 years. Dimensional shingles are made of two or more layers and have a desirable aesthetic.

There are also luxury asphalt shingles, which offer a multi-dimensional appearance for a specific look that befits period-style homes. Because they have extra layers to them, they will weigh more than other asphalt shingles. While these are more affordable than slate or cedar, luxury shingles are among the costliest type of asphalt shingle.

Labor is also a major component going in to the overall cost of asphalt shingle roof installation. The average contractor will charge between $2 and $3 per square foot of roof. Again, if you’ve got skylights, numerous vents and other features on your rooftop, that will increase labor costs. Furthermore, a roof steeper than 4.5 degrees will also increase labor.

Types of asphalt shingle roof: three-tab shingles, dimensional shingle, luxury asphalt shingles

Cedar shake roof replacement cost

Cedar materials can cost around $14,000. People who choose this material are attracted by its undeniable beauty, but they also like it because it is long lasting and is resistant to pests. On top of that, cedar is a great insulator, which can begin to pay for itself in heating and cooling cost savings. Taking all of this into consideration, it’s easier to understand how a homeowner would justify the upfront cost of cedar.

If you decide on cedar, make sure you’re bringing in a contractor with extensive experience in installing this type of system, as it does take a skilled hand to get it right. Given the other expenses involved with a roofing project, expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $15,000 to $18,000 for a 20-square cedar roof.

Cedar doesn’t stay beautiful on its own; while it does age over time and its appearance evolves, it must be properly maintained in order to age gracefully and perform exceptionally.

What’s the difference between cedar shingles and cedar shake?

If you choose cedar shingles, you’re going to pay about 25 to 30 percent less than you will for shake, because a machine cuts the shingles. They will all be a uniform size and will be smooth and tapered. Shake, however, is split be hand. Each piece is essentially unique, offering a more rustic look. Shake is almost always thicker than shingles, too.

House photo before after cedar shake roof replacement

How much does a roof repair cost?

Perhaps you’ve noticed some discoloration on the walls inside your house or on your ceilings, or you actually see damage on your roof – all signs point to impending or continued water damage/leaking. It’s time to get a professional to your home for a thorough inspection.

Bad storms, which include high winds and plenty of debris flying through the air at high speeds, can do a number on your roofing system, especially if it wasn’t installed correctly. Older homes often have old shingles, which are also vulnerable to high wind and debris because they’re missing the top layer of protective granules and have begun to break down.

This part of the country can experience some fairly drastic winter conditions, which means your home is prone to ice dam damage, which is the buildup of melting snow that turns to ice at night and causes roof material to split and separate, which leads to moisture getting into your home.

But let’s get to the cost: Many leaks can be handled with minor repairs, so a shingled roof needing this type of work will cost between $150 and $400. If you’ve got more extensive damages, look to pay around $1,000. If you’ve got repairs that severe, the cost could go up to around $3,000.

Choosing a reputable roofer to replace your roof with the best materials

Your roof is massively important to overall safety and security of your home, and when it needs to be repaired or replaced, it’s no small project to consider. The expense and the scope of the project can cause some anxiety, but not if you’ve got the right contractor working for you.

At VIS Exterior, we offer competitive pricing and we work with each client with honesty and integrity, providing the kind of services that will keep their roofing system in the best possible shape, which prevents unnecessary roof replacements in the future.

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The entire VIS Exterior team and experience from the estimate to completion of work was exceptional. I hired them to replace my roof, two skylights and gutters. Val who provided the estimate is extremely professional and provided a fair estimate with a great explanation of the work to be completed. - Egis B.

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Contact us today and schedule an inspection. We’ll thoroughly examine your roofing system and determine if you’re in good shape or if you need repairs or a complete replacement.

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