Owens Corning Roof Shingles: Choose the Best Materials for Your Roofing Project

Two of the most important aspects of a roofing project are the materials used and the professionals installing those materials. When you bring in VIS Exterior to install the roofing products made by Owens Corning, you’ve made a great decision that will result in a top-notch roofing system. Not only are you getting some of the most durable and dependable roofing materials, but you are also partnering with a team of experienced professionals who know exactly how to handle any type of roofing project.

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Owens Corning roofing materials are trusted by contractors. Even homeowners who have had Owens Corning shingles installed on their home can attest to their quality. This shingles company is focused on quality, but also offers diversity. The roofing products come in a variety of styles and colors, which nails all the aesthetic goals, but these products are also built to last, which means you won’t be required to take on another roofing project for at least a couple decades.

At VIS Exterior, we’re committed to quality, which is why we only hire the best roofers to be part of our team and it’s also why we use Owens Corning roof shingles so often.

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Why choose Owens Corning shingles for your roof replacement?

All roofing materials are not created equal, which is evident in how they look and how they hold up to the elements. When homeowners have a roofing project to plan, they need to seek out the materials they know will bring value to the process, and with roofs, value is in the aesthetic appeal and the degree to which the shingles will protect the home and for how long.

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When choosing a roofing system, homeowners must consult with roofing experts about important factors that will inform the way decisions are made. For example, is the roof constantly shaded or subjected to hours and hours of harsh sunlight every day? Is moisture an issue or is the roof allowed to completely dry following precipitation? Are high winds an issue and is there a problem with pests? Shingles are made to combat each of these issues, which is why you need to partner with a roofing expert that can help you find the right shingles for your roof.

Owens Corning shingles definitely bring value to a roof replacement project because they are built with durability in mind. Not only do they hold up to strong winds and moisture, they also can handle harsh sunlight, drastic temperature changes and resist pests and algae/mildew.

The following include the top reasons people choose Owens Corning for their roof replacement projects:

The highest-quality roofing materials

The highest quality asphalt shingles might be a little more expensive than the bargain brands, but they last so much longer that there is a lot more value. That’s why so many roofers and homeowners choose shingles made by Owens Corning; they only use the best materials when making their shingles and it shows.

Owens Corning engineers have done their research and developed a patented fiberglass to make their products stronger, which means they do a better job of protecting homes, even against fire. The fiberglass is also highly effective at repelling water, ensuring that moisture damage is avoided.

Variety of shingle colors and styles

Owens Corning shingle colors aren’t limited to just the most popular colors of the day – there are many, many from which to choose, even ones that suit your unique tastes. At VIS Exterior, we know our customers want options in how they make their homes stand out, and utilizing the right colors in the roof can do this, which makes homeowners even more content with the finished product.

Owens Corning has branched out to seven distinct shingle lines, each having four to 14 colors from which to choose. From vivid to bold to muted, there’s a color that will fit your tastes.

High durability and wind resistance

Wind can be one of the biggest enemies to shingles, drastically reducing their lifespan. That’s why the best shingle producers are dedicated to making wind-resistant shingles. For example, bargain brands wouldn’t think of making a 130 mph rated shingle because there is too much overhead (cost) involved.

Owens Corning has produced some of the most wind resistant shingles on the market today, including TruDefinition Duration shingles, which are rated to withstand winds up to 130 mph.

Top-notch moisture resistance

One of the most crucial jobs shingles have is to resist moisture. The moment shingles fail to do this, they need to be replaced immediately. Fortunately, homeowners who choose Owens Corning get excellent moisture resistance properties from the patented fiberglass used in these shingles.

Asphalt shingles are also naturally resistant to moisture due to the qualities of asphalt, which make them a superior product for keeping moisture out of your home.

Energy efficiency

Homeowners today demand products that are energy efficient, including energy efficient roof shingles. When VIS Exterior installs Owens Corning roofing shingles, the wishes of the homeowners are fulfilled, because this shingle manufacturer is dedicated to bringing products to the market that meet every definition of energy efficiency.

One way this is accomplished is by using granules on the outer layer of the shingles, which repels solar energy away from the home and lower energy cost in the hot summer months.

Reasonably priced

While price isn’t everything, it’s important for homeowners to know they’re creating value with their roofing project. At VIS Exterior, we know that using bargain materials is not the way to go, as they don’t look good, nor do they last long. Despite the fact that Owens Corning shingles are so reliable, durable and dependable, they’re still affordable. In fact, the Owens Corning shingle price, given how long these shingles last, is quite reasonable.

Superior warranty

A shingle company that offers extended warranties is one that believes in their product. The Owens Corning shingles warranty is one of the best in the industry. Even the standard warranty will cover homeowners sufficiently. The warranty is not solely covering the shingles – there are materials under the shingles that also protect the home and are also covered under the warranty.

Worry-free installation and maintenance

Owens Corning shingle installation is quick and easy, thanks to the way they are manufactured. In the hands of a skilled professional, these shingles are installed in such a way that the usual asphalt shingle maintenance requirements are not as important.

VIS Exterior brings a wealth of skill and knowledge to every roofing project and we know how to get the most lifespan of all types of shingles, including Owens Corning.

While choosing Owens Corning is a no-brainer for most homeowners, these shingles must be installed correctly, which is why you should reach out to VIS Exterior, because the best shingles will not protect a home if they are installed incorrectly. To avoid roofing project headaches, contact VIS Exterior and find out why so many homeowners have partnered with us.

Select the right type of Owens Corning asphalt shingles for your roof

A variety of factors are weighed to determine which Owens Corning asphalt shingles will be a good fit for your home. From the architectural style of a home to how much sunlight it receives; the amount of shade the roof gets to what others in your neighborhood have installed on their homes – taking everything into account will determine which type of Owens Corning shingles will work for you.

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While style and color are personal preferences, you also have to determine the elements, such as wind, rain, snow, hail and drastic temperature changes. When you work with a professional roofing contractor like VIS Exterior, you get a partner with knowledge that will assist you in choosing the shingles that will protect your home for years and years.

Owens Corning 3-tab shingles

Some of the most prevalent shingles on a home in America today are 3-tab shingles. They are easy to install and are the most cost effective. They also come in so many colors that pretty much any homeowner’s tastes will be satisfied.

The traditional 3-tab shingle style provides a pleasing symmetrical look with repeating rectangular “slots.” Owens Corning 3-tab shingles are built with a strong fiberglass core, which is surrounded by asphalt and topped with a special sealant. The surface of the shingles is covered by protective granules.

Owens Corning architectural (laminate) shingles

Owens Corning architectural shingles are considered a premium product providing a specific aesthetic that is truly eye-pleasing and adds curb appeal to any home. Also called Owens Corning dimensional shingles, these are made thicker than traditional shingles and will withstand higher wind speeds.

Architectural shingles, also referred to as Owens Corning laminate shingles because they are constructed with two layers of pieces that are laminated together, are made in a variety of shapes and styles that can provide a sense of luxury to the home.

Owens Corning specialty architectural shingles

For homeowners looking for something a little more special, Owens Corning offers specialty architectural shingles, which are designed to look like other types of roofing material, including slate and wood shake. For example, Owens Corning Berkshire shingles bring the beauty of slate, but without the cost of real slate. There is also Owens Corning Woodcrest shingles, which offer that real wood shake appearance, but without the cost or maintenance involved with real wood.

Owens Corning has done a superb job of designing shingles that appeal to the homeowners’ wide variety of tastes. Talk to your roofing contractor about what you have in mind for your roofing project and they will help you choose the perfect shingles for your home.

Owens Corning class 4 impact-resistant roofing shingles

Roofs take a beating over their lifetime protecting homes. From hail to high winds and debris, anything that flies through the air can impact shingles and create damage. To help combat the problem, Owens Corning Class 4 impact-resistant shingles have been designed by professionals to protect your home. These are impact-resistant roofing shingles that can handle some of the highest winds in the Chicago area.

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Also referred to as (short for impact resistant), these are hail-resistant shingles that will not crumble under severe weather conditions, thereby extending the life of the roof. Bargain shingles are not built as thick and durable, which is why they will fail far sooner than an IR shingle.

Check with your insurance company and see if you earn a premium discount for having Class 4 shingles installed on your home. Speaking of savings, you’ll notice that Class 4 shingles have a higher price tag, but thanks to the extended years of service you get out of them, they offer a lot of value in that they last longer and will save you money down the road.

Professional Owens Corning shingle roof installation

When installing Owens Corning shingles, VIS Exterior roofing professionals know this brand will bring unique features that offer plenty of curb appeal. And while curb appeal is important, the real value is in their durability. Furthermore, after years of working with this brand, we know all about the various styles and colors available to homeowners, so when our clients have particular tastes, we can count on Owens Corning to meet those preferences.

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And while Owens Corning shingles are some of the most durable on the market, we know that if they aren’t installed correctly, they won’t live up to their reputation. That’s why we find it so important that homeowners only partner with qualified roofing professionals who know exactly how these shingles need to be installed.

VIS Exterior offers a free estimate to homeowners who are looking to reroof their homes. All you have to do is call us or fill out the online form and we’ll be at your home with qualified experts, ready to get you started on your journey to a new roof. We also know that a reroofing project can be a pricey venture, but with our flexible financing options, our clients don’t have to dig into their savings to get a new roof.

Owens Corning shingle roofing warranty

Nobody wants to be stuck with a bill on a roofing system that fails immediately after it is installed, which is why VIS Exterior will only work with brands that offer warranties on their products. The Owens Corning shingles warranty gives us and our clients peace of mind that should, in the rare occurrence, something go wrong, the product can be replaced at no cost to our clients.

Owens Corning has also made it fast and easy to learn about their various warranties and what is involved in each of them via a page on their site. You’ll see exactly what is covered and for how long. Fortunately, homeowners have options for standard and extended coverage that will satisfy a wide range of preferences, from those who want only the most limited coverage to those who prefer getting the maximum protection.

On top of Owens Corning roof warranty, VIS Exterior is also giving homeowners peace of mind with a 10-year workmanship warranty for our work installing Owens Corning shingles. That means that if we need to go back to fix a mistake, the homeowner pays nothing for it.

Exceptional roofing financing offers for homeowners

VIS Exterior customers are offered flexibility in how they pay for the cost of a new roof. If you have credit concerns (FICO score down to 580), don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our roofing financing plan.

Our loan amounts of up to $45,000 require no equity. We make the process of applying for a loan fast and secure, as well as paperless. Pay off the loan in 12 months and you will be rewarded with 0% interest. If you need more time to pay for the project, you’ll like our 60-month loan plan that has a low interest rate of 6.99%.

At VIS Exterior, we know our customers want flexibility in the way they pay for roofing projects, particularly when the roofing project comes up rather suddenly and the homeowners have had no time to financially prepare. But even when the work is planned, our roofing financing allows homeowners to address issues with the home now and pay in increments.

Our financial partner is the well-trusted Regions | EnerBank USA, which is a nationally licensed sales finance company that offers homeowners financial assistance with all types of projects.

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How much does Owens Corning shingles installation cost?

A roofing project takes a variety of materials and labor, all of which come at a price. Owens Corning shingle prices might be a little bit more than what the bargain brands charge, but the value is in the length of time these shingles will last, which is far longer than bargain materials.

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So, how much do Owens Corning shingles cost? They range from a low of $75 to $99 per square (100 square feet) and a high of up to $250-$300 per square. This means homeowners with 2,000 square feet of roof will pay from $1,500 to $6,000 for shingles alone. This does not include the cost of other materials (underlayment, nails, labor, etc.).

The lowest cost ($75-$99 per square) shingles from Owens Corning are the 3-tab variety, which come in many colors and are popular for homeowners on a budget, yet they are still a quality product that VIS Exterior has a vast amount of experience installing.

The most popular line of shingles from Owens Corning is the TruDefinition Duration shingles, which run between $95 and $135 per square. Popular options for colors as of late include Chateau Green, Desert Tan, Driftwood, Estate Gray and Brownwood. Looking for a darker aesthetic? Slatestone Gray, Peppercorn or Williamsburg Gray will have you covered.

On the high end are the heavier and most durable architectural shingle line, which can cost up to $300 per square. Owens Corning Berkshire shingles are a popular choice in this category of durable, shapely and uniquely designed shingles. They offer timeless and elegant charm.

3-tab shingles cost

Further breaking down the price of 3-tab shingles, which is the economical choice for asphalt shingles overall, the 3-tab options from Owens Corning costs 75 to 85 cents per square foot. This puts the price of 3-tab shingles on a 2,000 square foot roof to $1,500 to $1,700. The biggest expense in just about any home improvement project is labor, so plan on spending between $2.50 to $3.50 per square foot for labor. That adds $5,000 to $7,000 to the project.

Architectural shingles cost

The architectural shingles price jumps considerably from the 3-tab variety. The range is also far more expansive at a low of 95 cents per square foot to $2.70 per square foot of shingles. That means on a 2,000-square-foot roof, you’ll spend between $1,900 and $5,400 on shingles. Add in the $2.50 to $3.50 per square foot for labor and the price for the project and the cost increases by $5,000 to $7,000.

Class 4 impact-resistant shingles cost

For projects where installation of impact-resistant shingles is a must, Class 4 roofing shingle costs must be estimated. Owens Corning Class 4 impact resistant shingles cost around $1.50 per square foot. This line of shingles includes TruDefinition and Duration Flex, which are very popular with homeowners. For a 2,000-square-foot home, these shingles will cost $3,000. Add labor costs and the project will range from $8,000 to $10,000.

Another important aspect is to remember that there are other materials that are integral to the roofing system that will add to the cost. These materials include various liners and underlayment, flashing and sealant, nails, exhaust caps and pipes and other materials. To account for the cost of these materials, add between $1 and $4 per square foot to the labor and shingles cost. To get the most accurate estimate, schedule a visit from a VIS Exterior professional and you can budget with fact-based information.

Contact the western Chicago suburbs’ certified roofers about Owens Corning

Owens Corning roofers have years of experience installing all types of this brand’s shingles, from 3-tab to Class 4 to architectural shingles. At VIS Exteriors, we take pride in the fact that we use the most durable and trusted shingle brands that carry excellent warranties, which is why we have installed Owens Corning on so many homes in the western Chicago suburbs.

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    Our commitment to our customers includes providing them with the best guidance so they get the product they need on their home, whether it’s a basic but industry-leading 3-tab shingle or a high-end architectural shingle from Owens Corning. From the planning stages to the installation and the final through, VIS Exterior is with you every step of the way.

    Our western Chicago suburban clients have trusted VIS Exterior for many years, helping us to create a reputation for excellence and bringing value to the home we work on. We’re licensed, bonded, insured and we offer a warranty on our workmanship, so contact us and schedule a visit to your home and we’ll provide you with a free estimate.