Comprehensive home roof inspection by experienced professionals

VIS Exterior recommends homeowners to proactively assess the health of their roofing systems through regular home roof inspections. These inspections play a crucial role in identifying potential issues, addressing minor problems, and preventing major roofing issues that may affect the interior of the home. We believe that roof inspection services should be an integral part of your routine home maintenance strategy, ensuring the overall well-being of your property. Our qualified roofing specialists can provide thorough roof inspections, helping you avoid unnecessary headaches and stress.

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A comprehensive roof inspection will involve our roofing specialist checking the roof from the ground, on the roof and in the home (especially the attic space), looking at everything from shingles to fascia, gutters to soffits. With years of experience behind them, our roof inspectors know what to look for, how to spot problem areas and what recommendations to make, which could be anything from minor repairs to a full-on roof replacement.

At VIS Exterior, our roofing experts will detect any problem, including damp areas, organic growth (mold, algae, mildew, moss), and structural problems, like missing or damaged shingles, cracks, dents and other structural issues that require attention.

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Professional roof inspection services

If you’re looking for roof inspection services from a bonafide expert, you’re in good hands with VIS Exterior, known as one of the go-to roofing contractors in Chicagoland.

Count on VIS Exterior to show up for your roof inspection prepared to spot the smallest roofing flaws, as well as leaks, tears and other issues that demand immediate attention. Our inspectors will fully inspect materials, the interiors (for moisture damage), structural components and we’ll also provide a workmanship inspection.

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Our professional roof inspection is based on a comprehensive inspection of these areas:

Structural roof inspection

The roofing system is only as stable as the structures beneath it. That’s why we make a thorough inspection of all the structural elements. If a roof is sagging, there’s usually a structural component failure that causes it. Furthermore, we can spot structural issues that will soon be the cause of a sagging roof and make the necessary recommendations to prevent that from happening.

Interior inspection

Not all roofing issues are immediately spotted. The telltale signs of damage will sometimes be apparent in the interiors where moisture has gotten through the roofing system. The usual trouble spots, which we’ll fully inspect, include the attic, ceilings and walls throughout the home. Some problem areas will show up as water stains, but there are others, like rotted wood, mold and cracks or holes that can be a sign of trouble originating from the roof.

Condition of roof materials inspection

The asphalt or cedar shingles are the most visible components of a roofing system and often the source of troubles, particularly after years of exposure to the elements. VIS Exterior’s inspectors look at these materials for obvious signs of damage, such as dents, tears, punctures, etc., but they’ll also check for staining, organic growth, as well as thoroughly check the roof flashing for wear.

Quality of workmanship Inspection

The best roofing materials are not going to live up to their expected lifespan if not installed properly. VIS Exterior inspectors, as part of a team of installation experts, know what to look for in workmanship qualities during the course of their inspection. They notice when substandard materials have been used, or if an installer has performed improper nailing techniques. Any of these issues can cause a roofing system to fail.

Free hail damage roof inspection

If you’ve recently experienced a hailstorm and the roofing system has been damaged, VIS Exterior inspectors will offer a free roof inspection and estimate of the cost to make repairs or replace the roof. Our findings will take into account the warranties on your materials and/or workmanship, and we’ll also work with your insurance agency to make sure you’re covered for everything you’re entitled to under your policy.

With a trusted crew of roofing professionals at your service, you can expect a thorough and accurate inspection of your home. Our roofing experts are experienced and dedicated, which means if there is a problem with your roof, they’ll spot it. We’ll go over our findings with you, answer all of your questions and offer expert advice on how to proceed.

Why do you need a residential roof inspection?

A residential roof inspection is the proactive measure homeowners take to stay on top of maintenance needs. Why is this important? Because a small problem now, which might seem insignificant, can grow into a rather large and expensive problem later. Rather than risk damaging your interiors or the structures of your home, bring in a roof inspector to make sure you’re aware of every possible problem.

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Roof checking schedules can vary depending on the needs of different types of structures, but as a general rule, it’s advised to make this an annual process. For anyone buying or selling a home, a roof inspection is almost mandatory, as the sale price of a home can be impacted by the condition of the roof. Sellers need to be aware of damages that should be fixed in order to get the highest possible price. Buyers are also vested in the condition of the roof, as they won’t be willing to pay the asking price for a home with a roof that, unbeknownst to anyone without an inspection being performed, has issues that require extensive work.

A roof inspector knows the value of their work, as sellers and buyers alike rely on their expertise. Is it structurally sound or does it need repair? Is the roof old and in need of a complete replacement? Is there already a layer of old shingles under the current layer that will also need to come off? Is the decking, flashing and other roofing system elements in good shape? These are questions experienced roof inspectors are capable of answering.

Common roofing problems found during roof inspections

For anyone who has owned a home for any length of time, there are undoubtedly improvement projects that have come to their attention. While handy homeowners can manage some of the smaller projects involved with roofing, the vast majority of issues that require attention should be handled by a professional. The following are some of the most common problems discovered by residential roof inspectors.

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Here are the most common problems found during roof inspections:

Damaged roof shingles

Shingle manufacturers are making products sturdier than ever, but they all have a “shelf life,” which means they will eventually give out. Whether it’s due to age or damage caused by impact (hail or projectiles propelled by high wind), a bad shingle can lead to moisture problems.

Age and extreme weather are the biggest culprits of shingle damage, but when shingles are incorrectly installed, they too will lead to moisture-related issues that damage a home if not remedied. And while damaged/missing shingles are the norm on run-down homes, there are many reasons why otherwise perfectly fine homes can have bad shingles, which is why having a residential roof inspector visit your home is a good idea.

Roof leaks

A roof leak inspection is probably the most widely requested of contractors. Often, the homeowner will notice a moisture stain on a ceiling or wall, or if they have an accessible attic, they’ll notice discoloration in multiple areas, prompting them to call in an inspector. It could be bad shingles, damaged flashing, old and worn vents, gaps around skylights – any number of issues can cause roof leaks that show up in the interior.

Roof leaks aren’t always obvious and can remain hidden until they get much worse. Fortunately, roofing contractors know what to look for in compromised roofing materials that will eventually lead to big damage later. Regular inspections, especially on older roofs, will allow you to catch a leak before it damages your home. Furthermore, inspections for roof leaks following a damaging storm can reveal compromised areas that might only require a simple repair rather than a complete replacement.


Splitting can occur on a variety of roofing materials. The constant expansion and contraction of roofing materials, which is common in the Midwest where the summer heat and winter cold are extreme, will eventually lead to materials breaking down and splitting. Anything that can cause materials to distort will lead to a need to repair or replace the roof.

Incorrect roof flashing

Joints and seams on a roof require extra protection. Roofing contractors utilize metal or plastic flashing in these areas, but the flashing can also be damaged or installed incorrectly, prompting the need for the expertise of a roofing professional.

A bad seal on the flashing can cause it to be displaced or curl, resulting in a compromised structure that can cause leaks. There can also be tears in the sealant around the flashing that is otherwise in perfect condition, but this is also a situation that an experienced roofing inspector can find and recommend a solution for.

Clogged or defective gutters

Functioning gutters are equipped to flush out debris. However, years and years of debris (mostly leaves and twigs from surrounding trees) accumulation can result in damage to the guttering and roofing system. This happens when a clog leads to water backing up, pushing into areas of the roof that aren’t designed to deflect water.

While regular cleaning of gutters can prevent such problems, defective gutters require repair or replacement. When your roofing inspector performs their duty, they will give the gutters a thorough look over, checking for rust, cracks, dented, torn or warped areas that will negatively impact the flow of water away from the roof. Also, gutters will collect granules from old shingles, which is a telltale sign that the shingles’ outermost protective layer of granules is wearing away and probably due for replacement soon.

Improper roof ventilation

Homes need to “breathe,” which means air circulation is vital. Ventilation along the roof (eaves or on top of the roof) helps to regulate the flow of air, but can also be the source of trouble. For example, a lack of ventilation, either from clogs or poor design, can lead to moisture buildup, especially in the attic. This moisture can cause an assortment of problems, from wood rot to insulation issues – the source of high utility bills.

Furthermore, a poorly ventilated home can cause excessive heat in the attic, which can damage shingles and other parts of the roofing system.

Poor roof Installation

Always work with a roofing contractor that chooses the most durable and trusted materials, but it’s just as important to choose a contractor with years of experience installing roofing systems. This matters because you run the risk of premature material failure and costly moisture damage if the roof is installed by inexperienced workers. Roofing inspectors from VIS Exteriors are also expert installers, which means they know how to spot a bad roofing job as well as install one correctly.

It’s impossible to ascertain the status of your roof health if you don’t have a professional inspect every aspect of it. Whether it’s normal wear and tear or damage caused by poor installation or a recent severe weather event, if the roof is compromised, the experts at VIS Exterior will evaluate the situation and share their detailed findings with you. You need to make a fact-based decision regarding the next steps to take, and that’s what we can offer.

When is the right time to schedule a roof inspection for your roof?

The best time to call in roof inspection services is when you’re doing your part to stay on top of the routine maintenance and want to make the mark by the roof inspection checklist. If a problem is discovered during this routine check, it’s most likely one that hasn’t already caused a lot of damage and could be a fairly simple fix. A local roof inspection expert can schedule annual visits as part of a proactive strategy.

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Another type of roof inspection is one where you’ve already noticed damage and you need to get on top of it immediately. Perhaps a heavy storm tore through the area recently and you’ve noticed parts of your roof that appear to be damaged and you need to know the extent of it. Maybe your roof has already shown signs of leaking. These are both situations that are frequently occurring in the Midwest and require roof inspection services.

In short, it’s always a good idea to get an inspection for roof needs, whatever your needs might be.

Most common reasons for roof inspections:

  • Routine/annual maintenance inspection
  • Leaks apparent on ceiling
  • Recent storm that included high winds, debris and heavy precipitation
  • Snow season prep
  • Putting the home on the market
  • Purchasing a home
  • Insurance company requests inspection
  • Roof replacement or repair required

If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan or if you’ve recently experienced a storm with high winds, you’re making a wise decision by calling in a professional roof inspector. And whether you’re able to see signs of damage or taking a proactive step to assess the condition of your roof, bringing in a professional to inspect your roof is the right move for protecting your investment.

Regular home roof inspection

Seeking the services of a trusted roof inspection company is the first step in getting on top of potential issues that require expert services that prolong the life of your roof and ensure it protects the home and everything under it. When a roof inspection company with years of experience responds to your call, you can rest assured that all potential problem areas will be carefully inspected and every issue, no matter how small, will be discovered.

After two decades of providing inspections to roofs on all types of structures, VIS Exterior knows how to provide high-quality affordable roof inspection services to homeowners who are simply looking out for their investment. Following our thorough inspection, we clearly communicate to the homeowner exactly what was found and a recommendation on the next course of action.

Free roof inspection after hail & storm damage

A hailstorm can be extremely damaging to roofs, which means when a big storm comes through your region, you need to call in a storm damage inspection and repair professional to take a look at your roof. At VIS Exterior, we provide free roofing inspections for homeowners who have just experienced a hailstorm. We’re a licensed roofing contractor that has extensive experience in the area, which means we know exactly what to expect on homes hit with damaging hail and we know where to look for damage on your home.

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Strong winds are also a reason for storm damage inspection services. High wind speeds can lift shingles at the edges, displace them, tear or even rip them completely off the home. Don’t risk moisture-related damage caused by roofing issues from big storms – contact VIS Exterior and get us to your home for a free roof inspection.

What to expect during a full house roof inspection

When you schedule a comprehensive roof inspection for your home, you can expect a thorough and meticulous assessment from our experienced experts. Our team arrives at the agreed-upon time and date, adhering to a strict process designed to provide a detailed evaluation of your roof's condition.

We bring our wealth of knowledge and expertise to assess various roofing materials, including asphalt and cedar shingles. From the moment our expert arrives, you can trust that your home's roofing system is in capable hands.

The following are checks our professionals carry out during a roof inspection:

  • Visual inspection from the ground
  • Visual inspection on the roof
  • Meticulous inspection of all shingles, soffit, drains, gutters, fascia, vents and flashing
  • Check for signs of moisture damage
  • Check for ceiling cracks, deformed walls, stains, buckling, water damage and curling
  • Examine quality of installation
  • Check nail and adhesive condition
  • Roof vent inspections for damage and blockage from debris
  • Complete consultation of our findings
  • Recommendations moving forward (repairs, maintenance, replacements)

A home is the largest investment most people will ever make. A roof inspection is simply a step to ensure that investment is protected. That’s why partnering with a high-quality roofing contractor is so important. When you have VIS Exterior inspect your roof, you can rely on our expertise and follow our advice moving forward. Contact us and let’s schedule your inspection today.

How long does a roof assessment take?

A roof assessment involves many steps that can differ depending on the structure. As a general rule, roof assessment specialists will take anywhere from 30 minutes to two or three hours to inspect a roof. Why such a wide variance? Some roofs are small, simple and easy to access, which means a quality roofing inspector will make quick work of the assessment. A large and complex roof that is difficult to access will take hours to fully inspect.

These variables will impact the time it takes to inspect your roof:

  • The size of your roof
  • The type of material used on the roof
  • The complexity of your roof
  • The scope of the inspection
  • The condition of your roof
  • How easy it is to access your roof
  • If the attic is also being assessed

When you hire VIS Exterior, we will give you an estimate of how long the inspection will take based on what we know about your home. Roof inspectors take their jobs very seriously because a lot rides on their work, so no matter how large or small the roof, they will make ample time to complete their assessment correctly.

Need a professional roof replacement after roof evaluation?

When roof inspectors come back with a recommendation to replace the roof, the next step is to seek out professional roofers you can trust and start planning the project. The good news is that VIS Exterior is here to not only provide roof evaluations, but also to do the installation work.

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Our team of roofing specialists, which includes roof inspectors, have years of experience and know exactly how to approach each unique situation. From large and complex roofs with cedar shake to small, one-story homes with three-tab asphalt shingles, we offer the same level of care. Every project counts, which is why we bring our quality craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence to every jobsite.

Get in touch with reputable roof inspection company in DuPage County

DuPage County residents know who to call when they need roof consultation services. VIS Exterior has served the area for years, providing the type of commitment a roof inspection company that cares about its clients. Our inspections follow an exacting protocol that includes going over every aspect of the roofing system to find any and all defects, from worn shingles to bad flashing, faulty gutters and cracked seals.

By hiring VIS Exterior, you’re putting quality in front of everything else, but that doesn’t mean you’re paying a premium price. We live and work among the homeowners of DuPage County and we are proud of our work, which is performed at a competitive price. From affordable inspection services to free estimates following hailstorms, we’ve got you covered. Contact us and schedule your inspection today.