LP SmartSide Wood Siding: Modern Materials for a Traditional Look

Looking for a siding material that looks like real wood but has increased performance? LP SmartSide engineered wood siding is just the solution. Made from real wood treated strands and binded with modern materials to increase water resistance and overall performance, this type of siding keeps moisture out and provides strength and long-term durability.

House after LP SmartSide wood siding installation

LP siding is right for you if:

  • You want the natural look of wood without the steep price. The extraordinary beauty of natural wood is often what homeowners want for their homes. However, not everyone can afford cedar shake siding. Engineered wood siding solves this problem with its unique similarity to wood, lower costs and easy maintenance.
  • You’re looking for siding that is durable and long-lasting. Treated with the unique SafeGuard process, LP SmartSide siding is resistant to fungal decay and termite damage. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and can absorb a fair amount of impact damage.

While LP SmartSide siding looks traditional because of its deep cedar-grain texture and defining shadow lines, the material itself is very lightweight but extremely durable. This type of siding retains its qualities even after being exposed to intense sunlight, hot and dry weather conditions. Engineered wood siding has also been tested by exposing it to severe moist conditions and termite colonies, and after years of exposure, it remained structurally unharmed. An independent test, conducted by NASA, found that LP SmartSide wood siding is even more resistant to impact damage than fiber cement products. All of these qualities make these materials an excellent choice.

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LP siding benefits

LP siding is a wise investment. It increases the curb appeal, comes with easy maintenance and is cost-effective. It also provides numerous other benefits, because it is durable, environmentally-friendly, has various style and color choices and comes with an excellent warranty.

Benefits list of LP wood siding installation

Durable. LP siding has been testen both in laboratories and real-world conditions, and was proved to be durable and strong. Engineered wood products can withstand extreme weather conditions and maintain their original properties for at least a decade.

Easy to install and maintain. LP SmartSide siding is lightweight, and can be cut with standard woodworking tool, making it easy to install and reducing installation labor costs. This material takes nails and screws easily and can be cleaned of dust simply with a sponge or cloth and a mixture of water and mild detergent.

Environmentally-friendly. LP uses renewable, natural resources to produce their siding and product minimal waste during the manufacturing process. They also use SFI-certified forest management and fiber sourcing systems to ensure that their materials come from well-managed forests.

Customized beauty and style. It’s easy to create a unique look with LP products. They offer a variety of color and style options and all of the products have the warmth and beauty of natural wood siding. This type of siding is also pre-primed at the factory which makes it much easier to apply the paint color of your choice.

Excellent warranty. LP SmartSide offers a transferable, limited 5/50 warranty on their products, meaning that there is a 5 year labor warranty, and a 50 year material warranty that is unmatched by other siding products.

It’s no wonder that LP SmartSide siding is one of the fastest growing brands in the siding industry - all of the qualities mentioned above make engineered wood an excellent choice. In addition, this type of siding in many cases is less expensive than other materials on the market, and its easy maintenance reduces the cost required to keep it in perfect condition even further.

Engineered wood and other types of siding

When homeowners choose between engineered wood and other types of siding, engineered wood almost always comes out as the preferred option. It is more realistic, natural looking and durable than vinyl siding.

Family house before after LP SmartSide wood siding replacement

LP SmartSide siding resembles wood more closely than any other type of siding, because it’s composed of natural wood strands and fibers. While cedar siding is notorious for its natural insulation and beauty, LP SmartSide offers a beautiful look, resistance to termites and moisture and low maintenance alongside a much lower price.

SmartSide is much easier to install than fiber cement siding. Wood is a much lighter, easier to handle and cut, takes nails and screws well and is delivered factory-primed. Fiber cement, on the other hand requires protective gear and specific tools to install and while it’s a good option, it can absorb moisture and divide into layers when installed near roofs or landings. Furthermore, SmartSide has been found to be more resistant to impact damage than fiber cement, making it the most durable siding available on the market.

LP SmartSide also provides an industry leading 5/50 manufacturer’s warranty on their products, which makes engineered wood materials an excellent siding choice for almost any home. The cost of LP SmartSide siding is somewhere in between vinyl and fiber cement siding, and if it fits your budget, it’s a smart and cost-effective siding solution.

LP SmartSide siding styles

Being a man-made product, engineered wood provides many style and color options. Although many homeowners choose it for its similarity to natural wood, various modern colors are available on the market. Three major style options are available on the market: lap, board and batten an shingles and shakes.

Different styles of LP wood siding

Lap is one of the most popular siding profiles in the United States. Lap siding is laid out horizontally and is a natural fit for most traditional home styles. Other variations include beaded lap and Dutch Lap.
Board and batten used to be a low cost siding profile, mostly used on barns and farm buildings. Now it is widely used to create contemporary exteriors with an emphasis on the vertical aspects of the house.
Shingles and shakes are mostly used to create a traditional, rather rustic look. LP SmartSide provides a wide range of available shapes, including squares, hexagons, octagons and half coves.

If you’re curious about which LP SmartSide siding style is the best option for your home, you can check out a free visualiser tool on LP’s website. There you can upload a picture of your home and choose a material that provides the look that you want for your exterior and try different styles before you make the final decision.

LP siding installation and replacement services

LP siding installation is a smart solution that provides increased curb appeal and excellent protection against the elements. However, since this type of siding is relatively new to the market, it’s important to choose a contractor that is familiar with the material and can install it reliably.

House before after wood siding replacement

Our LP siding services are designed to help you create the perfect look for your home. At VIS Exterior, we have comprehensive knowledge of engineered wood siding materials and first-hand experience in installing them. Our exterior siding contractors are friendly and clean, and you can count on them to exceed your expectations with their quality of work. We install high quality materials with unmatched attention to detail, so that your home is well protected from the elements.

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Choose the factory certified engineered wood siding contractor

Engineered for durability and a natural look, LP SmartSide siding is an excellent choice. Make sure you choose a factory certified engineered wood siding contractor like VIS Exterior to install it.
We are licensed, bonded and insured and have years of experience in working with LP siding products.

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