Siding installation in DuPage County

DuPage County residents have many options when it comes to having their siding needs addressed. From the materials on the market today to the contractors available to install them on their homes, there are many options. Fortunately, VIS Exterior is serving residents with high-quality services using the best materials and a professional crew of siding installers who know exactly what they’re doing.

Siding installation takes experience, skill, attention to detail and clear communication with the customer. At VIS, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver on all of these and more. When we send our crew to install siding on your Dupage County home, we’re equipping them with the right tools, educating them on the latest safety protocols and executing top-notch siding installation services that our customers have come to expect from VIS.

james hardie fiber cement siding

Our recent siding installation projects are a testament to our skills

Don’t just take our word for it, look at what we’ve done for other customers. From photos to comments, we offer proof that when you partner with VIS Exterior, you’re gaining a partner with the skills and knowledge to succeed at installing your siding.

Installing vinyl siding

Vinyl siding, among the most popular materials Dupage County homeowners have installed on their homes, is versatile, comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, and it is one of the more budget-friendly materials to install. And while there are fewer complexities involved in working with this material compared to others, it takes a skilled crew to install it correctly, which is why you need to partner with VIS Exterior.

We use the best vinyl siding products on the market, ensuring that yours will look great and last for many, many years.

Recent vinyl siding projects:

Check out some of our most recent vinyl siding installations. As you can see, our experience working on a variety of different architectural types of homes is part of the reason we’re a go-to siding installation contractor.

Installing cedar siding

If you’re leaning toward cedar siding, you obviously have a specific taste for a natural, rustic and unique aesthetic. Cedar adds a curb appeal that simply can’t be matched, but not just any siding contractor is going to be able to install this material. Cedar siding takes a lot of skill to install correctly.

Make sure the contractor you hire has plenty of experience and can provide examples of their previous work, because this material is among the more expensive siding options and you don’t want it to fail on you after a few short years.

Recent cedar siding projects:

Check out the cedar siding projects we’ve undertaken recently. It’s proof positive that our installers know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to putting this illustrious material on homes.

Installing fiber cement siding from James Hardie

Among the more recent advancements to hit the siding industry includes James Hardie fiber cement siding, which is a durable, attractive option for Dupage County homeowners who want something a little more advanced than vinyl siding.

Fiber cement siding has many great qualities, such as being fire and pest resistant, attractive and long-lasting. However, it’s not an easy material to install, which is why you need to partner with a qualified expert, like VIS Exterior. Our team of siding experts knows all the ins and outs of installing this product and can easily install yours.

Recent James Hardie fiber cement siding projects:

As an example of our work with fiber cement siding, check out these photos of recent projects. As you can see, James Hardie makes a variety of styles that will fit your tastes.

Get wood-like appeal with LP SmartSide wood siding

For homeowners looking for that natural wood aesthetic but want something that is a little more durable and easier to maintain, LP SmartSide makes the product you’re looking for. Partially made from real wood, the company utilizes other properties to make this product more fire and pest resistant than real wood. And while this is a durable product, installing it correctly can be a challenge.

VIS Exterior siding installers have mastered all the complexities involved in installing this product, so choose us to install yours.

Recent LP Smart wood siding projects:

The quality of this siding is evident in the photos of our recent LP SmartSide siding projects. We work on a variety of different styles of home, installing LP SmartSide siding that is attractive, yet durable and long-lasting.

Siding replacement after hail & wind damage

While no type of siding is ever going to last forever, one thing that will significantly shorten its lifespan are summer storms. Dupage County residents are well aware of the high winds that whip around hailstones and other debris that impact siding, causing dents, holes and other damage that will need the attention of a professional siding contractor.

At VIS Exterior, our siding experts have countless hours of experience inspecting homes for hail and wind damage. Whether it’s immediately after a storm or just routine inspections, we know where to look and what to look for when it comes to wind and hail damage. From the siding to gutters, downspouts to trim around windows - our crew will thoroughly examine your siding system and determine if you need simple repairs or a full replacement. We’re also experts at dealing with insurance companies, so you get all the coverage you deserve.

If summer storms have punished your siding year after year or if you’re worried that a recent storm has compromised the integrity of your siding, contact us and let’s get to the bottom of the issue before it impacts your home’s interior.

Recent siding projects following hail & wind damage:

Hail and wind damage will vary from property to property, but our individualized approach to inspecting your home will provide us with the customized game plan for moving forward.

Siding installation process

Being meticulous in our planning, staging the project area just right and bringing in a crew of highly qualified installation experts is all part of the installation process at VIS Exterior.

The following is a simplified version of the most common of our installation steps.

STEP 1: Preparing the job site for the project

VIS Exterior’s crew will fully protect vulnerable areas of the home, which often includes windows, garage doors and landscaping. Furthermore, we install all the trash receptacles necessary for keeping the jobsite clean and safe.

STEP 2: Removing existing siding

If your property requires that the existing siding needs to be removed, our team will quickly and effectively remove it from the house and dispose of it before moving on to the installation phase.

STEP 3: Sheathing and wood trim inspection services

The substructures of your home must be in good working order before new siding can be installed. All rot will be removed and new sheathing and wood trim replaced as needed.

STEP 4: Installation of new siding and accessories

To prevent moisture from getting into the home, our crew will install and moisture wrap that fully protects against any intrusion. Next, we’ll get the J-Channel, F-Channel and window trim installed, as well as starter strips and corner posts – all of which are important materials that must be installed before the actual siding. For the siding to properly adhere to the home, we will stall mechanical fasteners. Once the siding is installed, we’ll take care of any accessories, which include house numbers, doorbells, etc.

STEP 5: Disposing waste and final cleanup

We always strive to leave nothing in our wake except a home that looks better than it did when we arrived. That means all scraps that are part of a normal siding installation project will be completely cleared from the property.

STEP 6: The final inspection and “walkthrough”

The project doesn’t officially end until we’ve inspected every aspect of the job and get our customers’ stamp of approval. If any detail is missed, we’ll catch it with the final inspection. It’s part of the customer-centric services we provide that our clients have come to expect from us.

Siding installation in Naperville, IL

Naperville homes take a pounding during the spring and summer months when hail storms rip through the area. And it doesn’t even have to be a hail storm that takes a toll on your siding; after years of everyday exposure to the elements, siding will begin to show wear.

Let VIS Exterior help you determine the damage to your siding, and we’ll take the best course of action, whether it’s just minor repairs or a full-on replacement of all your siding components.

Siding installation in Downers Grove, IL

Downers Grove residents depend on VIS Exterior to provide professional siding services, which includes inspections, regular checkups and maintenance, repairs to and replacement of siding. From cedar to composite material and the ever-popular vinyl, we can work with all types of materials.

Siding installation in Northbrook, IL

When siding issues present themselves to Northbrook residents, they rely on VIS Exterior to send professional siding repair and installation experts that can address any issue related to siding. Competitively priced and focused on perfection, we aim to please.

Siding installation in Hinsdale, IL

With a variety of architectural styles in Hinsdale, homeowners trust the breadth of experience VIS Exterior brings to their property, providing top-quality services that safeguard their homes while also improving their curb appeal. It’s through clear communication and respect for our customers that we have achieved a stellar reputation.

Siding installation in Oak Brook, IL

Our Oak Brook customers have come to us for years knowing that we are trustworthy, accountable, punctual, safe and effective in our work. The end results of our siding installation jobs, from small to large, simple to complex, speak for themselves.

Siding installation in Arlington Heights, IL

When Arlington Heights residents experience a siding emergency, they know VIS Exterior is fast to respond. When big storms work their way through the community, or if it’s just years of exposure to the freezing winter weather and scorching summer sun, we’re poised to respond with a team of inspectors who know what to look for and are experts at dealing with insurance companies.

Siding installation in Orland Park, IL

Orland Park residents are frequent customers of VIS Exterior. We’ve worked in the community for years, providing extensive siding services on all types of homes. When a trusted siding contractor is needed, homeowners know to call VIS Exterior, because our track record speaks for itself.

Siding installation in Carol Stream, IL

When homeowners in Carol Stream face a siding issue, they need a contractor they can depend on to respond quickly to their needs by devising an appropriate plan and taking action before damage creeps into the home’s interior. VIS Exterior has been and continues to be that contractor.

Siding installation in Darien, IL

If you own a home in Darien and you need siding services, call VIS Exterior. We offer comprehensive services that will take care of all your needs. Ask around about our services and you’ll see why we are a top-rated siding contractor.

Siding installation in Glen Ellyn, IL

Not many siding contractors can match our reputation in Glen Ellyn, where we provide the siding services that homeowners can count on for years to come. From routine maintenance to full siding replacement projects, we are the siding contractor to call.

Siding installation in Gurnee, IL

When a hail storm, high winds and debris hit Gurnee, the VIS Exterior emergency number is at the top of list for siding contractors to call for emergency services. Even for non-emergency assistance, we make it a point to respond fast to your needs, because when siding issues come up, they require fast action to prevent further damage.

Siding installation in Inverness, IL

Installing siding is a major project, and when done correctly, will last for at least a couple of decades (barring major storm damage). But to get the most out of your new siding, make sure you partner with a trusted contractor. At VIS Exterior, we’re the siding professionals Inverness residents have called upon for years.

Siding installation in Lombard, IL

Looking for a boost in the curb appeal of your home? New siding can provide that and much more. At VIS Exterior, we have plenty of experience assisting Lombard residents with their siding projects, providing an amazing aesthetic to the exterior of the home, while protecting everything within it.

Siding installation in Medinah, IL

Medinah is one of the many service areas VIS Exterior makes a priority to respond to when siding issues come up. Whether it’s a sudden storm that has damaged your siding or just routine maintenance, VIS Exterior is your trusted siding contractor, ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

Siding installation in Mundelein, IL

Looking for a fresh look to your home? New siding can do that for you. Whether it’s a new style of vinyl or a complete overhaul with cedar siding installation, VIS Exterior takes every project as serious as the last. When Mundelein residents need a trusted expert to see to their siding needs, they call on VIS Exterior.

Siding installation in Palos Hills, IL

Not every siding contractor is created equal, and Palos Hills residents know that when they need a trusted siding expert to respond to their needs, they call VIS Exterior, because our track record speaks for itself. Schedule an appointment with us and see for yourself how we add value to your home.

Siding installation in Prospect Heights, IL

Siding installation projects, small and large, are all incredibly important to a homeowner. When Prospect Heights homeowners approach the planning phase of their siding project, they call in VIS Exterior. Our thorough inspection and detailed planning and expert installation services provide outcomes that often exceed expectations.

Siding installation in Rolling Meadows, IL

For Rolling Meadows residents, when a big storm rolls through and they want assurances that their home will be okay, they call on VIS Exterior. Furthermore, it doesn’t take a big storm to call upon our services. If your siding is old, schedule an inspection and we’ll let you know if you have problem areas that need attention.

Siding installation in Westmont, IL

For Westmont homeowners in need of siding installation services, there is no contractor trusted more than VIS Exterior. Years of experience working in this area has helped us earn a reputation for excellence. We hire experienced, skilled and trusted siding professionals who help us meet our goal of total customer satisfaction.

Siding installation in Willowbrook, IL

Willowbrook residents have long held VIS Exterior in high regard for our comprehensive approach to providing siding services, including top-notch installation of all types of siding materials. From real wood to vinyl, composite materials to fiber cement, our installation experts have you covered.

Siding installation cost

Determining the cost of your siding project involves many, many factors. The size of the house is one of the largest determining factors, as the larger the home, the more material will be needed to cover it and that also adds up to more labor. Another determining factor will be the type of material you choose. For example, a person choosing vinyl for their home will pay less than a person in a similar-sized home who chooses cedar.

“How much will it cost to install vinyl siding on my home in the Chicago area?” The average size home in Chicago is 1,600 square feet, so with that in mind, the average cost is between $4,900 and $6,800. If you live in a very small home, you’re going to come in under the lowest estimate, most likely. If you live in an extremely large home, you’re probably going to see your cost balloon well past the high estimate.

Fortunately, at VIS Exterior, we know what our competitors charge for their services, and we get the best deals we can on materials from our suppliers. That’s how we can give our customers an estimate that we are confident is competitively priced.

Why our customers choose VIS Exterior for their siding maintenance and replacement needs

We can talk all day long about how we approach our projects with meticulous attention to detail, how we only work with quality siding product providers and how we only hire the best siding professionals in the business, but in the end, it’s our customer reviews that we let do the talking. Check out what our customers have said and have confidence that when you partner with us, you’ll get a great return on your investment.

We offer:

  • Certified, insured & bonded contractor
  • A variety of siding choices: Vinyl, Cedar, LP Smartside, James Hardie and more
  • 15 years of service with a long list of happy customers
  • 50-year protection warranty for GAF shingles
  • Over 1000 successful projects and counting
  • 10-year labor warranty
  • Top-quality craftsmanship
  • 0% APR financing

Partner with the best siding installation contractor

At VIS Exterior, our years of experience and continued focus on providing excellent customer service has made us the go-to siding installation contractor in DuPage County. It’s a position we have held onto for years and continue to hold onto because our goal is to continue to be the customer-centric siding contractor for clients in the many communities we proudly serve.

Need proof? Schedule an inspection with us and see firsthand how our siding professionals approach their work – with respect, confidence, accountability and professionalism.