Hail & wind damage repair for Bolingbrook residents

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Bolingbrook residents are plenty familiar with the severity of the storms that roll through the area. High winds and hail do a lot of damage to homes, especially the roofing and siding.

Fortunately, Bolingbrook homeowners have VIS Exterior, a local roofing and siding contractor, at their service. If your home has recently experienced hail and wind damage, contact us for a free inspection.

Vinyl siding & roofing

Hail damage to existing exteriors in Bolingbrook

Roofs don’t last forever. After a couple decades, the elements take their toll and the roofing system begins to show deterioration. When a roof is getting on in years, it’s time to have it inspected. While it might look fine from the ground, there could be underlying damage that can lead to moisture buildup within the home.

VIS Exterior will thoroughly inspect the existing exteriors and give a complete breakdown of its condition.

Repairing hail and wind-damaged siding

Siding is built to take punishment from the elements, but sometimes, Mother Nature dishes out a little more than any siding can handle. It might be the case that the siding is only damaged in specific areas and requires some repairing.

At VIS Exteriors, we’ll come out to Bolingbrook homes following a storm and provide the information required to take the next step in protecting the home.

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Very efficient and professional

We used Val and the VIS team to repair some storm damage to our roof and siding. We decided to re-side the whole house instead of repair the 2 sides with damage and Val was very helpful with helping us decide which siding options would be best for our home. The team was very efficient and professional and Val himself did some of the major structure repairs that were needed. We are very happy with our new siding and even our neighbors love the color. We will definitely call Val for future roofing and window replacement needs.

Repairing hail damage on type of roofing material

Hail and wind will not discriminate when it comes to damaging a roof. From slate to shingles, cedar to clay tiles, hail and wind will damage anything that gets in the way. When you choose a roofing contractor to inspect your home, choose one like VIS Exterior – we’re experienced in working with all types of roofing materials.

  • Asphalt shingles and hail damage

    Asphalt shingles are engineered to withstand the elements. However, the top layer of granules will wear away over time, leading to underlying layers being damaged easier by hail.

    Eventually, asphalt shingles will show holes, dents, cracks and other abnormalities that are signs that it needs to be replaced. When VIS Exterior inspects your shingled roof, we’ll be able to determine the extent of the damage and recommend action that will keep your home safe and sound.

  • Hail damage to wood shingles

    While wood shingles are praised for their durability, they can be damaged by hail. In most cases, the wood will appear split and/or punctured. This type of damage will be immediately apparent following a fierce storm where wind speeds are high and debris, such as hail, is large and plentiful.

    Cracks and splits aren’t always cause for replacement, but a qualified roofing inspector will be able to determine when a split piece has potential to lead to larger problems.

Repairing Bolingbrook homes that have suffered from hail & wind damage

Once you suspect that a storm has caused damage to your home, it’s important to contact VIS Exterior quickly and schedule an inspection. Most insurance companies will consider this to be “ongoing” damage if it isn’t reported soon enough, so keep our number handy.

We’ll even work with your insurance company following our inspection to ensure you’re covered.


Trust your roofing and siding needs to VIS Exterior and get the top-quality services we know you deserve.

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