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Darien enjoys a rich history dating back to 1835. The architecture throughout the city offers a glimpse into times past. However, homeowners don’t have to live in a historic structure to entertain concerns about the integrity of the home. One of the most important first lines of defense for a home is the siding, and there are a number of options from which to choose today.

Vinyl siding installation in Darien, IL
Vinyl siding installation in Darien, IL

Among the most important jobs your siding should be able to offer protection against pests and the elements. Darien is no stranger to extreme weather, including blistering heat in the summer and Arctic blasts in the winter. The materials you choose for your home should be able to stand up to these conditions, protecting your home and everyone inside.

The new exterior should offer you energy efficiency, water resistance, pest resistance, durability and versatility. Today’s manufacturers offer quality production which can help to improve the condition of your home.

However, make sure you’re partnering with a siding company that carries the top brands so you can reap the benefits that siding has to offer. VIS Exterior offer wide selections of materials, including vinyl siding, cedar siding, LP SmartSide wood siding and James Hardie fiber cement siding.

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Once the siding on a home begins to fail, everything behind that siding is at risk. It’s not always obvious, either. A big hailstorm will leave behind damage that’s easy to see, but years of weathering and exposure to storms gradually takes a toll on the exterior, allowing weak spots for water and pests to move in. Know the warning signs that tell you when it’s time to replace your siding:

  • Buckling
  • Warping
  • Cracking
  • Chipping
  • Increase in utility bills
  • Rotting
  • Loose siding
  • Fungus, mildew or mold
  • Bubbling
  • Holes

To really get to the bottom of these issues, schedule an inspection from a trusted siding expert. These are professionals who have spent years inspecting and replacing siding and they know what to look for. VIS Exterior offers free estimates, which gives Darien homeowners a good starting point with their siding projects.

Founded in 2001, VIS Exterior has transformed over 500 houses in Darien into homes with more curb appeal, and perhaps more importantly, with a renewed lease on life due to the quality siding products we carry.

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The house looks brand new

Highly recommend! We are very pleased with the work done by VIS Exterior. The bid was honest, competitive, and given without a long sales pitch. Val and his team were prompt and worked long hours to complete the work on the house, including rebuilding the four front columns. Also, Val was very easy to work with, and went out of his way to make sure the house looked its best. The siding is high quality and the house looks brand new! I absolutely recommend VIS Exterior.

Vinyl siding installation

Low cost, durability, and easy maintenance make vinyl siding one of the most popular materials among homeowners across the United States. Vinyl also comes in a variety styles, such as beaded seam, smooth, board and batten, shingle, and the color options are nearly infinite - certainly enough choices to create an exterior you desire for your home in Darien. However, not everyone fancies plastic on an exterior, and while vinyl comes very close to accurately replicating textures of other siding materials, it still has an appearance of a man-made product.

Cedar siding installation

Cedar siding is the classic of the industry, and while it’s share of the market is slowly decreasing, many homeowners still choose this material above any else. Cedar has extraordinary natural qualities that are unmatched by manufactured products: excellent insulation and warmth, sustainability, durability, and exceptional beauty. So, if you prefer classical looks and have enough determination to maintain your exterior, cedar siding is definitely worth considering.

James Hardie fiber cement siding installation

James Hardie fiber cement siding is innovative, tough, and performs excellently even under the tough weather conditions that Darien can offer. If you’re looking for a siding material that is just as invincible as stone or brick but has more style options, fiber cement is the solution you’re looking for. Products from James Hardie usually come with 30 year warranties and almost unlimited color and style options that are sure to suit your aesthetic needs.

LP SmartSide wood siding installation

LP SmartSide wood siding provides the benefits of cedar siding but is just as easy to maintain as vinyl. Products from LP SmartSide are made from strands of real wood and combine durability, performance, and customizeable beauty. While this type of siding is relatively new to the market, it has already proved its performance under extreme moisture and termite exposure, and our clients absolutely adore this material on their exteriors.

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VIS Exterior not only carries the industry leading siding fro the best manufacturers, we also offer financing. Financing is important because some housing projects come up without much notice. For example, a hail storm rips through your neighborhood and your house takes a real beating – however, you haven’t saved up for a siding project. Our company works with financiers with flexible financing plans that give our clients the option of low monthly payments.

VIS Exterior will also install your siding with a degree of professionalism unmatched in the Darien region. We have earned our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau through 20 years of quality service to homeowners who are beyond pleased with the way we work. Our employees are courteous, highly skilled and experienced.

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