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At VIS Exterior, we offer premium siding installation services, but without the premium prices. Our crew of full-time employees are highly experienced, safety trained, work with the best materials and are focused on customer satisfaction. From our thorough inspection process to site preparation, siding removal (if needed) to siding installation, we have the skill sets necessary to make us the go-to siding contractor for Arlington Heights.

Royal Estate siding installation in Arlington Heights, IL
Royal Estate siding installation in Arlington Heights, IL

There are about as many siding contractors covering Arlington Heights as there are siding options, which means you’ve got plenty of options. Given the dramatic changes in temperature residents witness in this area from season to season, it’s important to make sure you’ve got the right contractor installing siding on your property, because it’s more than just a decorative layer - siding is a protective material that should keep your home safe regardless of what Mother Nature brings and having it installed correctly really matters. At VIS Exterior, we know all the tricks of the trade.

Choosing siding material quality is important

Choosing inferior siding material can lead to multiple problems down the line. At VIS Exterior, we only use products from trusted manufacturers that have consistently supplied the market with options that look great and last a long time.

Vinyl siding replacement

The cost savings and many different styles of vinyl siding is what has made it a top choice for homeowners across the U.S. After years and years being weathered by the elements, it becomes necessary to replace your vinyl siding, the biggest problem being warpage caused by solar weathering.

Cedar siding replacement

Cedar not only looks fantastic, it’s also a long-lasting siding choice. But like any other material on the exterior of a home, it will have a finite lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced. This is a rather complex material to install, which is why it’s important to make VIS Exterior your contractor of choice, because we have all the experience necessary to install cedar siding.

James Hardie fiber cement siding replacement

Popular for its durability and aesthetic, James Hardie fiber cement siding is rising in popularity with homeowners today. If you’ve had your James Hardie siding for more than a couple of decades, it will need to be checked for weathering, such as cracks around the edges. VIS Exterior will ensure that your new Hardie siding is installed correctly so that it will last longer.

LP SmartSide wood siding replacement

If you want the appearance of wood siding but not the cost, LP SmartSide is the way to go. This termite-resistant product comes with a industry-leading manufacturer warranty, but you also need to make sure it’s installed properly. VIS Exterior has worked with this product for years and we know how to install it with an eye for perfection.

Rather than make you do all the research about siding material options, VIS Exterior will walk through the process with you, making sure you’re getting the siding that is a match for the aesthetics you want to achieve, but will also protect you home and everything in it.

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The house looks brand new

Highly recommend! We are very pleased with the work done by VIS Exterior. The bid was honest, competitive, and given without a long sales pitch. Val and his team were prompt and worked long hours to complete the work on the house, including rebuilding the four front columns. Also, Val was very easy to work with, and went out of his way to make sure the house looked its best. The siding is high quality and the house looks brand new! I absolutely recommend VIS Exterior.

Quality siding installation services at competitive prices in Arlington Heights

There are several things involved when it comes to the price you’ll pay for siding installation. The type of material used, the size of the house and the complexity of the architecture are among the most significant factors to consider.

When it comes to choosing a siding contractor, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice on quality just to get the price you want. An experienced contractor will not be the cheapest option available to you, but they will be fairly priced and you will definitely see the value in the finished product, which isn’t something you’ll get with a “bargain” contractor using inferior/substandard installers.

Big house with best quality vinyl siding and black roof

When you partner with VIS Exterior, you get top-quality finishes at a competitive price. There are no surprise fees – we are up front about the cost of our services, which means you will never receive a sticker shock-inducing bill with a bunch of surprises on it.

At VIS Exterior, we constantly keep an eye on the competition, which means we are knowledgeable of the going rates for siding services in Arlington Heights. When we finish a siding project, the customer is always satisfied with the value of their investment.

Vinyl siding installation

Vinyl siding goes up fast and efficiently when in the hands of a skilled siding contractor. This material is easy to work with, which means labor costs are lower with vinyl installation projects.

But it still has to be installed correctly for the customer to get the full value of the material, which is why you should only bring in a contractor with years of experience. In some cases, the existing vinyl siding can remain on the home, but if it needs to be removed, there will be extra costs associated with tearing it off and hauling it away.

Cedar siding installation

Cedar siding installation is not a job for an inexperienced contractor. Any gaps between the siding can lead water working down into the supporting lumber, which will become saturated, leaving it at risk for rot. There are important overlap guidelines to follow that will differ with different sized siding and the siding needs to go through an acclimation process before it can be installed.

Cedar also expands and contracts, which is something that siding contractors have to account for. VIS Exterior has installed cedar on many structures and we’ll bring our years of knowledge to your project.

James Hardie fiber cement siding installation

While fiber cement siding is known for its durability once it’s on the house, it can be damaged while being installed if the contractor has little experience with it. Fiber cement contains a lung irritant called silica, so a special type of saw blade needs to be used and personal protection equipment is also a must during the installation process.

We’ve developed many techniques for installing this type of material so it doesn’t get damaged and so our employees and anyone in the work area remains safe. Our approach means these projects are a success every time.

LP SmartSide wood siding installation

LP SmartSide siding looks great when it’s installed by skilled hands, but it can easily look horrible if not installed correctly. The right type of nails need to be used, unpainted edges need to be primed and painted and spacing between planks of siding need to be precise with this material. Also, this material needs to be stored correctly or it will warp before it is put on the home.

The best contractors know about all the intricacies involved with LP SmartSide siding, including VIS Exterior, which is the go-to contractor for installing this type of material in Arlington Heights.

The exceptional siding replacement services for Arlington Heights

VIS Exterior has for years worked with many Arlington Heights homeowners to install siding that is perfect for their homes. Our thorough inspection is followed by a consultation where we help you choose the siding that fits your tastes, your home and your budget. Look around at other contractors and you will see why we are the preferred siding professional for Arlington Heights.

Our reputation for excellence is what has made us the go-to siding contractor for Arlington Heights homeowners. If you’re ready to give your home more curb appeal and a layer of protection, schedule an appointment with us today.


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