How to Choose the Best Local Siding Contractor for Your Home Siding Installation Project

From the very onset of a siding installation project, the most important question to ponder is, “how to choose the best siding contractor?” Where you need to look first is to a local siding company, as a nearby contractor is more accountable for their work, will show up if you run into problems and they are likely staffed by people who live in the same community.

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If you are approached by an out-of-state contractor, be wary of their sales pitch. They might promise to do the work for less, but they probably can’t vouch for who will actually do the home siding installation work, which means quality isn’t a priority for them – they just want to get the job done fast and move on to the next project. Furthermore, should something go wrong, they won’t be around to fix the problems. That’s something you rarely encounter with a local contractor, as their reputation would be ruined with such tactics.

By doing your research on local siding professionals, you’re sure to find the one that will be the best fit for your project.

Finding a professional and qualified siding installer

Professional siding installers have worked their way up in the industry, bolstering their reputations with quality workmanship and long-lasting results that please clients. A local siding installation contractor has your best interests at heart and will use the most durable materials, providing quality outcomes that last.

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Top-rated contractors know how crucial siding is to the well-being of the house, as it is the first layer of defense against the elements, keeping possessions and inhabitants safe. Furthermore, as the outermost layer of a home, it impacts the first impression, offering curb appeal that extends beyond looks and into value. A siding project gone wrong will hurt the overall appearance of the home, but could lead to extensive interior damage that might go hidden for a long time, which is why choosing a professional siding contractor with years of experience is so important.

The best contractors are those who are insured, licensed, have plenty of references for you to consider and charge a competitive rate for their services. Not all contractors are alike, so carefully vet the ones in your area and start the conversation with them now so you can make a good decision – one that will impact your home for decades.

What to look for in a siding contractor

As you do your research in an effort to find the best siding company, you should draw up a list of questions you have for each of them. This will help you weed out the ones that are questionable and identify the contractors that will put your interests first and ensure the outcomes will be a success.

Here are some benefits of hiring a professional siding contractor:

Worry-free siding service

You’ve probably heard the horror stories about contractors who demand a percentage of the payment up front and never show up to do the work. You can avoid that headache by finding a local, trusted contractor that has built a reputation as a customer-centric organization aiming to please.

Expert recommendations

Some of the best advice about choosing a siding contractor will come from friends and family. Ask around and see what others say about the contractor(s) they have worked with. See their work for yourself and weigh the recommendations you receive.

Experienced contractors only

It might be tempting to take that cut-rate contractor with little-to-no experience installing siding, but don’t fall for it. Their inexperience can lead to many problems now or in the near future. Siding should only be installed by professionals who have proven their worth through years of experience.

Quality workmanship

The only way your siding is going to last as long as advertised is if it is installed by a contractor focused on quality results. This is apparent in everything they do, from their attention to detail when planning the project to the final day as they clean up the jobsite leaving it completely free of construction debris.

Extensive knowledge about siding materials

You’re going to have a lot of questions about the type of siding that fits your home best, and your contractor should have no problem explaining the pros and cons of each and every variety. Only quality contractors have the extensive knowledge necessary to make sure your home gets what it needs.

The necessary tools and equipment

Using the “right tools for the job” might sound clichè, but it is a vital component of having your siding installed correctly. Quality siding contractors know exactly which tools to use in every situation and keep up with technology so their clients get the best possible installation services.

Completed on time and correctly

Your contractor should be able to tell you exactly how long the project will take, which will include looking at the forecast, as inclement weather can cause delays. The fastest contractors aren’t always the best, but look for one that offers a reasonable timeline and has a history of getting it done correctly.

Fair and transparent cost

A quality contractor is capable of making extremely accurate estimates about costs. They will break down the material costs and their labor costs and guarantee you that there will be no hidden fees – ever. Before you sign on the dotted line, confirm that the cost listed is the final cost.

Warranty coverage

Homeowners demand guarantees that the workmanship will be excellent. Should something go wrong on account of the contractor’s installation services, they are legally liable to make it right. If a contractor says they do not offer such a warranty, immediately look elsewhere.

No leftover debris

The job is not finished until all evidence of a major home improvement project is completely wiped clean from the jobsite. Quality contractors take pride in making a clean sweep of the property when the installation is complete, and they would never consider leaving the homeowner with heaps of debris to throw away.

Improved home value

One of the perks of having new siding installed is that it improves your curb appeal and the value of the home. When the work is done by an inexperienced contractor, the opposite is true. When installed by a professional, you get all the aesthetic enjoyment, but also improved quality in terms of protection from the elements.

From increased energy efficiency to a boost to the curb appeal of your home, quality siding contractors will ensure that all the perks you were hoping for in your new siding will be realized. Never settle for a low-cost contractor with little experience, because they can’t deliver on promises. Only choose a trusted local contractor with a stellar reputation.

Why should you go for a local siding contractor

Local contractors live and work among the people they serve. They are dedicated to their communities and take pride in the jobs they secure, the finished results of which are on display for everyone to see. The stakes are high and they deliver – every time. The same can’t be said of contractors with no ties to your area. They can do a poor job and simply move on to the next town and the next job without being held accountable. The best siding installation you will get is from a local siding contractor.

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The advantages of hiring a local siding contractor for your home

Local knowledge

Longstanding ties to the community bring a wealth of benefits. In fact, a local siding contractor with years of experience probably did work on a home in your neighborhood. These professionals are familiar with the architecture in the area and all the little things that might trip up an outsider. Plus, locals take pride in the work they do for fellow community members.

Personalized siding service

Your local siding contractor will offer more personalized services than an outsider, such as communicating with you about your every concern, fully explaining every step of the siding project, answering all your questions and ensuring that you are comfortable moving forward. And should problems arise, they will return to make it right.

Quick response

Local siding contractors hire locally, which means they can quickly respond to requests. Whether it’s inspecting potential damage caused by a recent storm or dropping in to inspect your property and offer an estimate on new siding – being centrally located means there is no waiting around. Plus, when the project is underway, you don’t have to worry about prolonged commute times for workers to get to and from your home.

Lower siding installation cost

Local siding contractors hold themselves accountable for their work, and that can translate to lower costs in the short and long term. Locals are more likely to offer competitive pricing because they know what the going rate is in the area, plus there is no worry associated with long-term issues, as a workmanship warranty will ensure their return should anything go wrong with the installation.

You can check their work

It might be next door or down the street, but there are going to be homes all around you that have been improved by local contractors who have been in business for many years. Get a list of some of the more recent projects and head out for a look for yourself. You can see first-hand what they’re capable of and if they are worthy of your business.

Time and again, local siding contractors prove their worth because with every new project, they’re working to build their reputation as a qualified, trusted contractor that will treat you right and earn all future jobs in the area.

Plan ahead for your siding project and look for the best siding company

Among the most important steps in taking on a home improvement project is choosing a contractor. The best siding company for your job will be the one with adequate experience working on a home like yours with the materials you want to use. Yes, picking out the right siding is important, as is scheduling when the project should occur, but the critical element of siding installation by a proven professional should be your focus from the very beginning of the planning process.

Understand your siding needs and determine what type of siding you want

Siding installation should only be carried out by a trusted professional who knows what type of siding works best on your home, which is why homeowners are wise to do their research and plan ahead to ensure they find a qualified contractor.

You can also start checking out all the different types of siding on the market today to get an idea of the look and cost of it. Siding has different levels of protection, different shapes, sizes and colors. Also, you have to make a decision on materials, the most popular of which is vinyl, but you could also choose real wood (cedar) or a wood composite.

Create a budget for your investment in siding installation

Determine if you have a tight budget or one that can go the extra mile and include premium products. For example, vinyl is a low-cost material that is also less expensive to install compared to cedar, which is a high-cost product and takes more expertise to install. You’ll get a better idea of where you stand with your budget the more you investigate material costs and installation fees on each type of siding.

Do complete background research to find the right siding contractor

The more you know about the local siding contractors in your area, the better equipped you will be to make the right decision for your home. For example, which contractor has the most experience with a house like yours? Which ones are licensed, bonded and insured? What do their references say about their work? You can quickly find the best one for your project by simply asking a few questions.

Get a competitive price for your siding project

The best siding contractor might not be the one charging the most, but it is almost definitely not the contractor charging the least. Beware of bargain estimates, because sometimes you get what you pay for. Talk to your local siding contractors and ask them for an estimate. Let them know that you're only interested if they are transparent with their pricing and that you’re not willing to accept surprise/hidden fees. Your research will reveal the best contractor.

Work with a reputable local siding contractor

The best contractor to install siding on your home is almost always a local contractor. They work hard to gain a reputation as a trustworthy partner to improve homes within the communities they live and work. There is a lot to lose should they perform poorly, so taking every job seriously is the only option and it works in your favor.

With a little research and interviewing a handful of local contractors, you’re sure to find the siding professional that will take on your project and deliver stunning results. At VIS Exterior, we pride ourselves as the local contractor that has become the go-to expert ready to improve the facade of your home.

14 Tips for choosing the best siding installation contractor

If you’re at the beginning of researching a siding project for your home, you’re in fact-finding mode, digging for clues to reveal which contractor is best suited to tackle your project. You can spend a lot of money on quality siding, but you won’t get any value out of it if it isn’t installed by a trusted professional. Your ability to ask the right questions will determine your success. The following are some tips.

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Things to consider when searching for a siding contractor:

TIP #1

Find out how long the company has been in business

Don’t take chances on newcomers – only partner with professionals who have proven their worth, year after year. Seasoned pros know how to handle every unique situation, so should issues arise with your project, they will have a quick and easy solution.

TIP #2

Look for trustworthy referrals

Customer input is the most valued information you can get. Look around at the various online resources for reviews, but more importantly, ask your neighbors, friends and family about their experiences with siding contractors. Look around and see for yourself what local contractors are capable of.

TIP #3

Check insurance and bonding

Only sign on with a siding contractor that is bonded and insured. This keeps everyone accountable should something go wrong with your project, whether it’s faulty installation or injury – you need to be covered.

TIP #4

Verify if they employ subcontractors

The best siding contractors only work with professionals they know and trust. In fact, they hire them full time as a team that stays together and work on everything from small and easy projects to large and complex ones. Beware of contractors that subcontract the work to people they might not even know.

TIP #5

Inquire about their experience with different types of siding materials

If you already have a siding material in mind, ask about your prospective contractor’s experience with that type. The best ones will have plenty of knowledge of all the traditional siding types, from vinyl to real wood, and you’ll be in good hands, but always ask about their experience working with different siding types.

TIP #6

Inquire about warranties provided for materials & workmanship

Choose a contractor that will offer a workmanship warranty. Also, some siding manufacturers won’t honor their materials warranty unless the contractor is certified to work with their material, so be sure to inquire about that.

TIP #7

Find out about permits

There is a permit process for installing new siding in practically every municipality, so be sure to ask your contractor about what is required. You don’t want to run into snags due to failing to adhere to the rules and regulations.

TIP #8

Get multiple estimates

Never stop with the first estimate, or even the second for that matter. Get as many as you can before you make the decision on which contractor gets the job. Getting multiple estimates is about more than just pricing, it’s also about having the information you need about their abilities to make the right decision.

TIP #9

Take a look at siding financing opportunities

Siding installation projects are not cheap. In fact, most homeowners enjoy having the option to pay for it over the course of a year or more. Talk to your siding contractor about the financing they offer.

TIP #10

Evaluate customer reviews

As you scour the reviews of your prospective contractors, look at what others have said about their approach to respecting the worksite (your home), their ability to pick up after themselves, their communication abilities and their level of customer service.

TIP #11

Look at the siding contractor’s portfolio

A siding contractor’s portfolio will show the types of properties they work on, which is important because it will reveal their level of expertise on properties like yours. It should also include information on the materials they are capable of installing.

TIP #12

Figure out how a contractor handles complaints

Not every customer is going to be absolutely thrilled with everything, but how the contractor handles negative reviews is telling. Did they address the problems in a professional manner and resolve the issues? Sometimes, the best contractors need to make repairs, so don’t let a negative review scare you away.

TIP #13

Discover siding contractors service area

The key word here is “local.” Your initial search should be for a contractor close to where you live, as this will ensure they’ll be getting to the jobsite on time and that you will incur no delays related to traffic, etc.

TIP #14

Trust your gut

When you have a chance to speak to a contractor, you’ll get a good sense of what they are about. Trust your instincts and choose the one that leaves the best impression on you.

Choosing the right contractor isn’t necessarily a science, nor is it totally an art. The more you look into what they do, how long they’ve been doing it and what others say about their work, the better idea you’ll have about which contractor to choose.

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Top questions to ask a professional siding contractor before you sign the contract

Scanning the web for online reviews is important, but it’s not the sole method of finding the right siding contractor. Your best approach is to actually talk to the contractors in your area and ask them specific questions. Your goal is to arm yourself with as many facts as possible so when you make a decision, you’re 100 percent sure you’ve made the right one and have peace of mind that the project will be a success.

Do you offer a free siding inspection?

Reputable siding contractors won’t charge a fee for an inspection of your home. They know that it is part of the bidding process and are happy to have the opportunity to make a good first impression.

What types of siding materials are you most experienced with?

While any quality contractor is going to have experience with the most frequently used materials, it never hurts to ask, especially if you’ve chosen a premium material, like cedar siding.

What brand of siding do you most recommend?

Quality contractors work with quality materials. From James Hardie to LP SmartSide, they will choose durable siding that comes with a warranty and keeps you covered for decades.

How long will the siding installation project take to be finished?

Siding projects can be messy, but they’re usually over within a matter of days. Quality contractors want you to get back to life as normal as fast as possible, but ask them about their timeline and their ability to make deadlines.

Who will be at the job site?

From the size of the team to the project leader, inquire about what you can expect when the work begins. Identify who will be the contact between you and the siding company so you can stay updated on the progress of the project and reach out if you have questions or concerns.

How will the work be scheduled and how is inclement weather dealt with?

Even the best siding contractors can’t control the weather, but they know to keep an eye on the forecast and inform you if the weather is going to cause delays. When the weather isn’t cooperating, they should fast-track as much as possible.

Will you protect my home from getting damaged during the siding replacement?

Whether its fixtures on or near your home or the landscaping around it, your contractor should take measures to protect anything that could be damaged.

Who is responsible for any waste leftover from the job?

You should never have to bag up trash related to a siding project. Your contractor should do a complete check of the property when the work is finished and rid it of any debris.

How much does house siding cost?

The cost will depend on the size of the home, the difficulty of the project and type of material used. However, the average price today is around $11,300, but many factors can influence that price one way or the other.

Will you provide me with a written estimate?

Nobody wants to get hit with sticker shock due to hidden fees or an unknown estimate to begin with, which is why a quality contractor will do a thorough inspection and offer an accurate cost estimate before work begins.

Does your siding work come with a warranty?

Even the best, most qualified contractors will offer a warranty on their work. Homeowners today demand that they are protected and quality contractors hold themselves accountable with workmanship warranties.

Are there any other areas of concern?

Unforeseen situations can cause added expenditures, the most common of which is moisture damage that needs to be repaired, but isn’t revealed until the old siding comes off. Talk to your contractor about how they deal with these situations.

Where can I find examples of siding jobs you’ve completed?

Contractors take pride in their finished work and gladly offer you examples. Take a look for yourself and find out if they are good enough to work on your home.

It is only through asking the right questions that you will find the right contractor for your siding project. This process will help you weed out the ones that don’t fit and make obvious the ones that truly care about what they do and that the customer is happy with the finished product.

Where to find the best siding company near you

The best siding company for your project is not that hard to find today thanks to the Internet, where you can get a solid start on the process. Furthermore, finding the right one that is also a local siding company is easier by communicating with those around you, whether it’s friends and family, neighbors or workmates. Finding a siding contractor is not as difficult as it might sound, so follow these tips:

Search engines (Google/Bing/Yahoo!)

Generally, the first resource is search engines. The top engines, in descending order, are Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, and Naver. Keywords are important, so be sure to use the name of your community/town/city and any variety of other keywords to identify trusted local siding contractors.

Review websites

From the Better Business Bureau to Yelp, there are a bunch of review websites that can help you gather opinions about siding contractors in your area. You can also go on social media to get more information about what customers are saying about contractor services. Facebook is probably one of the top resources for this, but Angi is a great resource for all things home improvement-related.

Word-of-mouth referrals

Online resources are great, but nothing beats having an actual conversation with somebody with local siding contractor experience. They can shed light on important areas, such as how they were treated throughout the process, whether they were well informed about what was going on and their overall opinion about the work that was completed.

Don’t be afraid to dig as deep as you can to get all the information you need to make a fact-based decision. Siding projects aren’t cheap, so spare yourself all the stress and buyers’ remorse by choosing wisely from the beginning.

How to spot a bad siding contractor? Warning signs to watch out for

If you’ve spent any time researching home improvement projects involving contractors, you’ve probably happened upon a horror story or two about how a homeowner got taken advantage of. The truth of the matter is that while the vast majority of contractors are legitimate, there are a few bad apples out there that don’t help the reputation of those who are passionate about their work and doing everything they can to please customers.

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Check out our tips on the red flags you should look for to keep you safe:

Siding installers require large down payments

While it’s not unusual to be asked to pay a percentage of the overall cost of the project in advance, no quality siding contractor is going to ask for a big down payment or payment in full at the beginning or before the project begins.

Siding installers pressure you to sign a contract immediately

Choosing which contractor installs your siding is a serious decision and quality contractors know this. They would never pressure you to make a fast decision, so if that happens turn the other way and never look back.

Siding installers aren’t busy

Quality siding contractors don’t have much, if any, downtime. In fact, they have to pick and choose which projects they’ll take. Contractors who are frequently out of work are probably suffering from a bad reputation, so stay away.

Siding installers lack good communication skills

Communication is integral. Your contractors need to have the courtesy and ability to answer all your questions and let you know about the various aspects of the project, how it’s progressing and continue to verbally address your needs.

Siding installers mark up the siding materials excessively

While there will be fluctuations in the market that determine the cost of materials, a major red flag is an itemized list of materials that show a huge markup. This is a disreputable practice that indicates they’re probably not being truthful about other aspects of the job.

Siding installers withhold information about subcontracting

The second you find out that a contractor you’re considering has not revealed that they don’t have full-time employees, but subcontract the work out to others they might not even know, cross them off your list.

Siding installers don’t have any client reviews

Without proof of what they’ve done prior to working on your home, there is no assurance that they can do anything of quality. Every good contractor is excited to show off their previous work, so only work with them.

Siding installers don’t have completed project portfolios

An incomplete portfolio is either a sign of inexperience or a lack of preparation. Don’t risk either situation because you only want to work with a contractor that is a seasoned pro and 100 percent prepared.

Siding installers aren’t a locally based company

There is no accountability with a non-local contractor. They don’t live in the community, so it’s either inconvenient for them to address your needs following a project or they simply ignore you. Local companies are dead set on being customer-centric.

Use your gut instinct. If someone says something that is too good to be true or they can’t answer your questions or provide you with the information you need to make a choice, cross them off the list and focus on local, trusted siding contractors.

Hire the best siding installation company with years of experience in DuPage County

DuPage County residents are familiar with the work VIS Exterior does. We’ve been around for nearly 20 years, offering homeowners a local, professional and detail-oriented experience that time and again exceeds expectations. We don’t call ourselves the best siding company in DuPage County – our customers do.

At VIS Exterior, we understand how intimidating it can be to embark upon a siding project, which is why we are happy to assist our customers or potential customers in answering all of their questions, from siding material options to costs to timelines – we’ve got answers for every possible question.

Insured, bonded and certified to work with some of the best siding materials on the market, VIS Exterior is ready to get you started on transforming your exteriors into something new with huge amounts of curb appeal and added value. From vinyl to real wood to composite material, we’ve worked with all types of siding and we can transform your home with professional siding installation services.

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