Choosing the Best Siding For Your Home

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Siding is among the most important features on a home’s exterior in terms of aesthetics and protection. However, there are a number of siding materials from which to choose, including vinyl, fiber cement and cedar. Which is best for your home? Let’s run through each of these siding types and find out what makes them unique.


Let’s begin with vinyl, perhaps the most popular siding type across the United States. Most homeowners are on a budget when it comes to their home improvement projects, and vinyl fits just about any budget. However, just because it’s one of the more cost effective materials on the market doesn’t mean it is aesthetically limited. In fact, vinyl is a material that is extremely versatile, which means manufacturers are putting out vinyl siding in all colors, shapes, textures and sizes. If you can dream up a siding style, manufacturers are probably already making it with vinyl.

Vinyl is also popular because of its durability. The material is actually made from polyvinyl chlorine, which happens to be one of the most resistant siding materials available today. The best manufacturers include a heat stabilizer in their materials, which means the hottest days of summer will do nothing to compromise the integrity of the siding.


Is there anything more beautiful than cedar siding? For homeowners with their sights set on that natural wood look, absolutely nothing beats cedar siding. Cedar offers unique patterns and tones that are as different as fingerprints, which means no two homes with cedar siding will look alike.

Homeowners have the option to treat their siding with finishes, oils and stains to add a personal touch or to fit a specific design that’s appropriate for each individual home. In its raw form, the classic look of cedar is one that many homeowners find to be timeless. But it’s not all about the look – cedar siding is durable and safe. It’s naturally resistant to water and pests. There is a natural preservative in cedar that prevents fungi from taking hold.

Americans are increasingly seeking out “green” alternatives, and they’re finding it in cedar because it is a renewable resource. Billions of cedar trees have been planted, ensuring that there will be plenty of wood for generations of homeowners.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding is a man-made product that uses a combination of cellulose fibers, cement and sand that are all pressed together in the desired shape. This flexibility to fit any aesthetic preference is what drives many homeowners to choose fiber cement siding. For instance, it can be made with a rustic rough-hewn look. In fact, some fiber cement siding manufacturers are doing such a good job at replicating a wood look that it is impossible to tell from the curb that it’s anything other than natural wood. If you are looking for something more modern, fiber cement siding manufacturers are also producing it in sleek, smooth designs that fit more contemporary tastes.

Fiber cement siding is one of the most durable products on the market. It won’t swell, mold or crack. The color is baked into the material, so it keeps its color even when exposed to direct sunlight for years and years. It is also fire resistant – it won’t ignite when exposed to direct flame. Finally, fiber cement siding is insect proof, and it can take a pounding from hail and windblown debris.

When it comes to siding materials, you’ve definitely got choices. Get in touch with us at VIS Exteriors and let us walk you through the many options. We carry only the best siding products from the top manufacturers. Give us a call at 630-230-8533 and lets get started on your siding project today.

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Val Slajus

I founded VIS Exterior because I believed that my knowledge of the home improvement craft could help others transform their houses into the beautiful homes they deserve, and I work hard every day to make it happen. In this blog I want to share some of my knowledge with you, so that you could make informed decisions when planning your next exterior renovation.

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