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Should you Repair your Roof in Winter?

Thick snow on the shingle roof

Are you among those who believe a roof can’t be repaired or replaced in the winter months? Count yourself among the many. However, instead of throwing a tarp over the roof until spring rolls around, consider the alternative – hiring a team to do the job.

While roof work is certainly associated with the warmer months, it can be accomplished during the winter. Here are a few issues you might see during the winter that are concerns:

1) Ice dams

Ice dams are among the most common issues you’ll see, and this gathering of ice needs to be cleared before it tears up ...

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Top 10 Most Common Roofing Problems

Roof shingle repair with hummer

The roof system on your house has an important job – it protects everything that makes your house a home. Unfortunately, your roof won’t last forever and there will be signs along the way that prove that your roof has is not immortal, so to speak. In many cases, these are issues that can be repaired, but as your roof ages, it becomes apparent at some point that a new system is in your near future.

Unlike other areas of your home that are easy to access, your roof is not exactly the safest thing for you ...

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