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New siding adds a special kind of luster to a home, but it’s much more than decorative – it protects your home and everything in it. Orland Park residents are not strangers to harsh summers and bitter cold winters, which is part of the reason having the right siding on your home matters so much.

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Siding really serves only two purposes: protect your home from the elements and pests and offer a pleasing aesthetic to the exterior of your home. While that seems simple enough, not every siding contractor is going to offer the same results, which is why you need to ensure that you’ve got the right contractor partnering with you to offer professional advice, make a thorough inspection of your home’s exterior and provide expert installation services, which is what we do at VIS Exterior.

The siding you choose actually needs to do two things only: 1) Provide your home with protection from the elements and pests. 2) Offer a common aesthetic element that is pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, not all materials will do both well, and it won’t serve its purpose effectively at all when it’s installed incorrectly. That’s why choosing the right siding contractor is so important. Arlington Heights homeowners need an expert that works with quality products and has the expertise to install with careful attention to detail.

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Siding manufacturers are at the top of their game, and today’s siding will last decades before showing signs of wear. However, due to extreme weather Orland Park residents encounter, having your siding inspected, repaired and maintained is the only way to make sure it lasts. Some warning signs to look for include stains, buckling, molding and rot. However, hidden damage requires an expert’s trained eye, which is why you need to maintain and routine inspection schedule.

You have options in what kind of siding you have installed on your Orland Park home, and each type will have its own unique way of showing its age/deterioration. If your siding was improperly installed, it will become compromised by moisture much sooner than siding that is professionally installed. At VIS Exterior, our siding services are designed to find flaws in your existing siding, make the necessary repairs or do a complete removal of old siding (if required) and installation of new siding.

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The house looks brand new

Highly recommend! We are very pleased with the work done by VIS Exterior. The bid was honest, competitive, and given without a long sales pitch. Val and his team were prompt and worked long hours to complete the work on the house, including rebuilding the four front columns. Also, Val was very easy to work with, and went out of his way to make sure the house looked its best. The siding is high quality and the house looks brand new! I absolutely recommend VIS Exterior.

Vinyl siding installation

Vinyl siding is a versatile material with many style choices: from beaded seam, smooth, board and batten to textured shingles. The low cost, durability and ease of maintenance make vinyl one of the most popular exterior siding materials in the U.S. – it is one of the most cost-efficient solutions, after all.

Before vinyl hit the market in the 1950s, aluminum siding protected most homes. The aluminum ran out of favor because vinyl requires less maintenance and is more cost effective. In 2017, 213,000 homes were built with vinyl siding in 2017, making it one of the top materials, so when you choose vinyl; you’re in the company of many others who trust it to protect their homes.

Cedar siding installation

Cedar siding, which is installed on rustic cabin exteriors and upscale homes, offers a warm, attractive and inviting aesthetic. It also has a pleasing, natural scent and creates a very comfortable and soothing aura around a house. If your budget can fit cedar with the maintenance it requires every 2-5 years, natural wood will transform your exterior like no man-made material can.

Cedar is not only an attractive material – it’s also a good insulator and quite durable. However, because moisture is the enemy of natural wood, you’ll need to have a protective finish applied every few years. To make sure you get all the life you possibly can out of your cedar siding, you’ll also need to have it cleaned and inspected regularly.

James Hardie fiber cement siding installation

James Hardie fiber cement siding is one of the most durable and resistant types of cladding on the market. It can replicate the texture of wood almost uncannily and comes with a variety of finishes that suit the aesthetic needs of most homeowners. It is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a material that is fire-resistant and withstands tough weather conditions extremely well.

While it’s been said that James Hardie fiber cement siding could be the last siding you ever put on your home, it can show signs of wear after repeated heavy storms year after year. For example, you might see cracking around the edges, which means moisture will eventually work its way in. To avoid this situation, have your siding inspected regularly, because professional siding contractors know what to look for, and with regular maintenance, they can prolong the life of the siding.

LP SmartSide wood siding installation

LP SmartSide wood siding is a relatively new material on the market that offers premium performance at an affordable price. Made from engineered natural wood, this exterior cladding offers beauty, durability, protection against the elements, and excellent impact damage resistance.

Another perk with this siding is that it comes with an amazing 5/50 manufacturer warranty, which is something that has pushed it to one of the fastest growing brands in the industry. At VIS Exterior, we’re putting this product on more and more homes, which means we’ve become experts at installing this type of material.

Get a quality siding replacement from a local siding company in Orland Park

At VIS Exterior, we know you have many options. You’ve got decisions to make regarding the type of siding material you choose, but you also have options where siding contractors are concerned. With our customer-centric focus, we’ve become a leading contractor for Orland Park property owners. Not only can we advise you on which siding will work best for your neighborhood, home and budget, we are expert installers and offer professional inspection and maintenance services.

VIS Exterior stands out among the competition because we use the best products on the market today, and we have a team of experienced professionals who respect every home they work on like it’s their own. We have a proven record of customer satisfaction that is a testament to our focus on customer service, and the homes we worked on more than a decade ago offer further proof of our commitment to quality.

With more than 20 years of experience in replacing siding with quality installation techniques, you can count on VIS Exterior to get it right the first time so you can expect long-term benefits. Check out the reviews to see what our clients say about our services. Contact us when you’re ready to discuss your exterior project.


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