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When property owners need quality roofing services, they know to contact the top-rated residential roofing contractor in Plainfield – VIS Exterior. From roof inspections and repairs to complete reroofing projects, our team of professional roofers has the experience necessary to take on any job, small or large, and deliver high-quality outcomes.

Licensed, insured, bonded and certified, VIS Exterior also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, we offer a warranty on our work, ensuring that if anything goes wrong with your roofing system, you’re completely covered.

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Look at what our customers have said about the quality of our roofing work and the professionalism we bring to the jobsite and rest assured that when you partner with VIS Exterior, you’ll be completely satisfied.

Advanced roofing services from the best Plainfield roofers

Successful roofing projects involve two important components: High-quality roofing materials and expert installers. At VIS Exterior, you get both. As the best Plainfield roofers, we only work with the finest roofing materials made by companies that offer warranties on their products. Whether it’s a three-tab shingle, architectural shingle or luxury/premium shingle, we will help you choose the product that best suits your home and your tastes. We also offer cedar shingle and shake roofs with our Plainfield roofing services, giving our clients one the most aesthetically appealing roofs available.

  • Asphalt shingle roof installation

    Asphalt shingles are among the easiest roofing materials to work with, but they require the skills of experienced roofers to install them correctly. At VIS Exterior, our installation techniques ensure that your shingles will look great and last a long time, protecting your home and everything in it. With so many styles available, we can help you choose the asphalt shingles that will look great on your home.

  • Cedar shingle & shake roof installation

    For the ultimate curb appeal, VIS Exterior installs cedar shingle and shake roofs for our clients who want to go the extra mile and get the timeless look that only real wood can offer. Cedar has natural insulation properties and is impact resistant, which means it can hold up to Mother Nature’s fury. This material ages gracefully and lasts three-plus decades. It’s also a complex material to install, but when you partner with an expert like VIS Exterior, you’ll be in great hands, as we’ve worked with this material for many, many years.

Plainfield homeowners, whether they’re on a tight budget or have the flexibility to have a high-dollar roof installed, know that when they want an asphalt shingle or cedar roof on their home, they can trust VIS Exterior to do the work. Contact us and let’s discuss your roofing project.

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The service was excellent

Val was very professional when we discussed the work that needed to be done - a total reroof, repair a flat deck roof, and add soffit to the front porch ceiling. As the work progressed, he and his team were extremely accommodating to additional requests that arose. The quality of the service was excellent. Our home looks beautiful.

Affordable roof replacement contractor for Plainfield homeowners

Plainfield homeowners looking for affordable roof replacement services know they can get them from VIS Exterior. While price is an important component in roof replacement projects, we also know value can only be achieved when quality services are also part of the mix. Plainfield roof replacement projects completed by our team of professionals stand as proof that you can have a roof with curb appeal that also protects your home for many years to come.

At VIS Exterior, we’ve got plenty of customers in the Plainfield area who can attest to the quality of our work and affordable prices.

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Asphalt shingle roof replacement

If you’re thinking about having your roof replaced with asphalt shingles, you’re joining the roughly 80 percent of American households that have also chosen asphalt shingles. This material is popular because it is cost effective, lasts for decades (when properly installed and maintained), is more eco-friendly than ever, is relatively easy to install, comes in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, offers great protection against the elements and looks great.

To truly see the advantages of asphalt shingles, you must have them installed by a trained professional. This product only has value when it is properly installed, because when done incorrectly, they become susceptible to wind damage (perhaps even come completely off the roof) and are more prone to allowing moisture into the underlayment, which means the roof will eventually leak. Spare yourself the expense of having to reroof your home sooner than expected by having VIS Exterior tackle your asphalt shingle roof replacement project.

Cedar shingle & shake roof replacement

The top reason Plainfield homeowners say they choose cedar is for the aesthetic appeal. Nothing matches the look of cedar, as it makes a house really pop and adds crucial curb appeal to any home that is adorned with natural wood. Cedar offers more than just beauty: It is an excellent thermal insulator, offers resistance to storms and lasts a long time. For homeowners that can spare the extra expense, cedar is the way to go.

In order to get the 30-plus years cedar shingle and shake roofs offer, it must be installed by a roofing contractor with a great amount of experience with natural wood. Wood roof replacement projects entail some complexities, which is why you should only choose a contractor that has put in the time and knows the tools to use and the “tricks of the trade.” At VIS Exterior, we’ve worked with a variety of cedar shingle roof replacement products and we’re well-versed in all the challenges that are commonplace when installing them.

Need help deciding between asphalt shingles or cedar? VIS Exterior can assist you in determining your best options of roof replacement. Some materials are a better fit than others due to architecture and your surrounding environment. In either case, our professional roofers will expertly install your roof on time and on budget.

Hire the trusted Plainfield roofing company to replace your roof

Check out some of the homes we’ve roofed and see for yourself why VIS Exterior is the trusted roofing company in Plainfield. We bring a great amount of respect to every job site and approach every roofing project with a tremendous eye for the finest details.

Primarily working with asphalt shingles and cedar roofing materials, we know these materials as only experts can, install them with precision and provide our valued customers a roof that will last for years and years. If you’re looking for premium roofing services at a competitive price, choose VIS Exterior – Plainfield’s go-to roofing contractor that everyone can trust. Contact us today for a free estimate and reliable help with your roof.


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