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Roofing projects might not be as exciting as an interior redesign, but when it comes to important aspects of a home, the roof ranks among the highest. Orland Park property owners rely on the considerable experience and customer-centric ethic of VIS Exterior roofing contractors for their residential roofing needs, from estimates to maintenance to complete replacement and installation of the roof.

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Replacing a roof is among the “big” home improvement projects, but it offers big returns. Not only does a new roof protect everything within the property, it can raise the resale value of the property and add another layer of insulation, which you’ll notice in your energy bills. Plus, a new installed roof brings a nice aesthetic to a home, essentially giving it positive curb appeal.

Affordable roof replacement and installation services from the best Orland Park roofers

VIS Exterior roofers offer professional roof replacement and installation services at affordable prices for Orland Park homeowners. Given the complexities of a roofing system, it pays to go with a roofing contractor with plenty of experience installing many different types of roof materials, especially asphalt shingles and cedar shake roofs, which are popular in Orland Park. Each of the materials holds up well to extreme weather, which Orland Park residents go through almost every summer and winter, not to mention windy spring thunderstorms.

When you work with VIS Exterior, you don’t have to worry about the complexities involved in installing a roof, because we’ve got all the necessary experience. From making an initial inspection of your current roofing system to helping you choose the right material for your property to installing and maintaining the roof – we do it all and at a competitive price.

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The service was excellent

Val was very professional when we discussed the work that needed to be done - a total reroof, repair a flat deck roof, and add soffit to the front porch ceiling. As the work progressed, he and his team were extremely accommodating to additional requests that arose. The quality of the service was excellent. Our home looks beautiful.

Asphalt shingle roof replacement

Asphalt shingle roofing is the modern product that dominates the market for many reasons, the most common being its cost-efficiency. Aside from that, asphalt shingles are durable, beautiful and come with different aesthetic properties to suit your needs and budget.

In fact, shingles come in so many shapes, sizes and colors, most Orland Park property owners put considerable time and serious thought into what will best suit their homes. And while shingles are among the easiest to install, it’s not a job for amateurs, as a poorly carried out installation will significantly decrease the effectiveness of your system. At VIS Exterior, we use only the best quality shingles, which surpass the standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials. You can rest assured that your newly shingled roof will last a long, long time.

Cedar shingle & shake roof replacement

Cedar shingle & shake roofing is a traditional product that is valued and desired by so many homeowners. The natural beauty, excellent insulation properties, stability and long life expectancy make it the perfect material to protect your home from the elements.

Because it is a handmade material, it’s going to put a little more pressure on your budget, for the material itself and for the added hours of time and expertise it takes to install – but it’s worth it. While cedar is durable and quite attractive, it is also naturally pest-resistant, energy efficient and long lasting. However, it will take some maintenance from a professional roofing contractor if it’s going to last. At VIS Exterior, we have years of experience installing cedar shake roofing, so count on us to get you your dream roof.

Choose the trusted Darien roofing company to replace your roof

Despite the quality of roofing materials on the market today, storm after storm will eventually do some degree of damage to the roof. That’s why you need to have a trusted local roofing company give your roof a quality inspection and make the necessary replacements.

VIS Exterior is stacked with roofers who go through an extensive checklist as they inspect a roof, and they know exactly where to look for the commonly hidden areas of damage that can create a massive headache when left unattended for too long. Our inspections are honest and our roof replacement capabilities are among the best. If you suspect your roof was damaged during the last storm or if it’s just getting on in years, contact us and we’ll help you out. We also offer a free estimate if you should require a new roof installation.


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