Hail & Wind Damage: Inspection, Repair & Insurance Claims

The first big step to take is to schedule an inspection of the property. VIS experts will thoroughly assess the siding and roof to survey all damages. From there we make the determination of whether simple repairs are required or if the siding and/or roof need to be replaced.

The insurance claim is where we can make a huge difference, as many homeowners will deal with their insurance adjuster and not have all the damages covered. When we walk them through our inspection findings, we can help you get better insurance coverage.

We offer:

  • Free thorough roof and siding inspection for damages.
  • Free estimates for all recommended repairs.
  • We deal with an insurance company so you get an honest assessment.
  • Prompt, expert repair or replacement of storm-damaged elements.
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Comprehensive siding & roof inspection after hail & wind damage

Heavy winds and debris whipped up by storms can damage siding and roofs, but shingles, gutters, skylights, flashing, vent hoods, vent stacks, chimneys and chimney caps can also be damaged. That’s why we carefully assess all components of a roofing or siding system, because they all play an important role.

Our thorough inspection process is important, because not only do you need to protect your home, you need exacting documentation to present to your insurance adjuster.

Shingle roofing after hail & wind damage in Naperville, IL
Shingle roofing after hail & wind damage in Naperville, IL

Hail & wind damages for different roofing materials

Hail and wind will affect roofing materials differently, depending on the type you have on your home. Knowing what to look for on each type of material will help you determine the steps to take next. Here are some examples:

Asphalt shingles hail damage

Asphalt shingles can hold up to a lot of abuse, but eventually, the protective granules will wear away, and sometimes, the impact force is just too much as hail and other debris make indentations on your shingles. In most cases, you can file an insurance claim to defray some or all of the cost of repair/replacement.

Types of damage to look for:

  • Damage has no uniform pattern, but is spread out randomly.
  • Impact areas appear black.
  • Without the protective granules, which wear off and accumulate in the gutter, roofing felt will be exposed.
  • When feeling the shingles for damage, you find soft spots, which will need to be repaired.

Cedar shake hail damage

Look for cracks that go along with the grain. When deep enough, parts of the shingle will begin to break off.

  • Damage will occur with no apparent pattern.
  • Look for a brown/orange colored line in the shake, which is a sign that the piece of shake has split.
  • Obvious indentations will be revealed as the source of a slight crack to completely cracked through shingle.
  • Dents caused by hail that do not result in cracking are usually merely an aesthetic issue.

Quick storm & hail damage roof repair and leak prevention

It’s important to react fast after a storm. The inspection needs to take place pretty much immediately, so if there is damage to the roof, the repairs can be made before the next storm rolls in. Even when the damage seems minor, moisture can seep into the interiors. The leaking might not be noticeable at first, but moisture within the walls can cause mildew, mold and eventually, rot.

Roofing services

At VIS Exterior, we’ll make your property a priority. While our response will be quick, our inspection will be meticulous. We’ll have your estimate ready, quickly, and we’ll communicate with your insurance adjuster for you. Most importantly, we’ll make the necessary repairs or replacement, ensuring that the roof covering your home will protect everything inside of it.

Siding repair after hail & wind damage

Like a roof, the siding on your home provides an important function - protecting everything inside your property. There are many different components to your siding, which needs to be properly inspected after wind and hail damage. At VIS Exterior, we will have our inspection experts dispatched to your property in short order, ensuring that any damage is flagged and that you get a high-quality inspection that no insurance adjuster will ignore.

Vinyl house photo combination showing exterior damage before and after siding replacement

Let us handle the siding repair discussions with your insurance company. We’ll walk them through our findings to ensure everything that could possibly be covered by insurance gets covered. Next, we’ll get to work repairing or replacing your siding, quickly and professionally.

Storm damage insurance claims

Following a punishing storm, homeowners will often think they need to call their insurance company first, but don’t risk increasing your insurance premium by doing that. A misfiled claim with no actual damage can lead to an increase in your premium. Call your trusted roofing and siding contractor first. We’ll come to your home, provide a free consultation and help you determine if you need to open a claim.

Steps to take with VIS Exterior after hailstorm damage

At VIS Exterior, we’ve seen plenty of hail storm damage and we know what to look for following a heavy storm, especially one involving hail. The following are the most important first steps you need to take to asses the damage to your home:

STEP 1: Visually Inspect Your House Exterior

When it is safe to go outside, take a good look at your siding and roof. Do you see dents or impact damage? Look for marks, scuffs or any disfiguration.

STEP 2: Contact a Roofing & Siding Expert

If you think you see damage, don’t file a claim. Instead, call VIS and have us come out to make an assessment. If the damage is worthy of a claim, we’ll let you know. The problem with filing a claim when there is no actual damage is that you can see an increase in your premium from your insurance company.

STEP 3: Explain the Full Extent of the Damage

When describing the damage you see, give as much detail as possible. Is the damage extensive or is it confined to specific areas of the roof? Do you see dents or are there actual holes in the roof? Furthermore, are any shingles missing or partially removed?

STEP 4: Arrange an On-Site Inspection

Armed with the information you’ve given us about the damage on your home, we’ll have a pretty good idea of what is going on and how quickly we’ll need to get there for a more thorough inspection. We’ll set up a date and time that works for you and our expert inspector will be there.

WHAT’S NEXT? We’ll take it from here, keeping your stress level to a minimum

  • We fully document damage prior to doing any work, which ensures your claim will be approved.
  • We will meet your insurance company’s adjuster at your property to go over all the property damage and make sure nothing is missed.
  • We are happy to continue to work with your insurance company and be a resource for you throughout the claims process. We care about your loss and want to keep your stress level to a minimum.

Contact hail & storm damage contractor

Before you call your insurance company, contact us at VIS Exterior. Let us come out and give you a free inspection, followed by an estimate. This is an important first step to take, because it gets the ball rolling in the right direction.

You’ll have the information you need to make the decision about filing a claim. And if our inspection shows that you do need hail and storm damage repair, you’ll have all the documentation the insurance company requires to handle your claim.

At VIS Exterior, we’re happy to walk you through every step in the process, so keep us in mind the next time a storm hits your area.