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Storms bringing hail and high wind are common in the Downers Grove area, causing damage to roofs and siding. It’s not always easy to see from the ground, but a siding and roofing contractor can reveal hidden damaged areas with an inspection.

Unfortunately, hail of just about any size can damage a home. It doesn’t have to be the size of a golf ball to create an impact on siding and roofing materials. Over time, even the smallest hail and windstorms can take a slow toll on the life of a roof or siding.

LP SmartSide wood siding & gutters in Downers Grove, IL
LP SmartSide wood siding & gutters in Downers Grove, IL

Don’t miss out on opportunities to have your insurance cover damages from hail and wind. Downers Grove homeowners should know that insurance rates potentially go up after a storm, so it’s important to go ahead and file a claim. Furthermore, you might feel safe and secure with your manufacturers warranty on your roof and/or siding, but not all warrantees will cover damages caused by storms, which is another reason to get your insurance company involved.

Get free hail damage inspection about your existing exterior condition in Downers Grove

Did you know that in 2014, Illinois ranked second among other states in the amount of hail damage homes take on an annual basis? State Farm Insurance reported more than 43,000 claims that year – all hail damage related. It’s important to look for warning signs that your siding and/or roof should be repaired or replaced.

Look for missing shingles, lifted or curled shingles, bald spots on shingles, and any dent or pockmark. Siding can also show similar signs of damage, such as dents and pockmarks, buckled areas and gaps. These are all clear signs that your home could be further damaged by moisture that makes its way into the home.

Look for water stains on the ceiling or on the walls. Cracked or peeled paint will also occur if moisture is in the walls. If you have access to your attic, look for signs of moisture on the beams and insulation. Mold and mildew will grow in these areas, fouling your air and leading to potential sickness.

Of course, the best way to determine the overall quality of your roof and siding is to call in a trusted expert, like VIS Exterior.

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Very efficient and professional

We used Val and the VIS team to repair some storm damage to our roof and siding. We decided to re-side the whole house instead of repair the 2 sides with damage and Val was very helpful with helping us decide which siding options would be best for our home. The team was very efficient and professional and Val himself did some of the major structure repairs that were needed. We are very happy with our new siding and even our neighbors love the color. We will definitely call Val for future roofing and window replacement needs.

Hail and wind damage repair for your roofing and siding in Downers Grove

Once you’ve determined hail and wind have affected your roof and/or siding, it’s time to start the process of repairing or replacing the damaged areas. Any damage to your roof, even if it seems small and insignificant, can get out of hand quickly. Often, the damage has already begun, which is why there is no time to delay.

Hail is known to cause the granules on shingles to become loose and fall off into the gutters. Look in your gutters and see if piles of these granules have collected there. Also, look at the exit end of your downspouts for signs of granules there. These granules protect the shingles, and when too many have been knocked off, subsequent storms can begin to do deeper damage to the shingle, causing weak areas where moisture seeps in. VIS Exterior will thoroughly inspect your roof and determine if you are in need of repairs or replacement.

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Reliable roofing and siding solutions in Downers Grove

Downers Grove homeowners have choices when it comes to contractors who do siding and roofing work. Knowing what to look for in the right contractor can be intimidating, but here are a few tips to consider as you begin your search:

  • Competency

    The crew that installs new siding or roofing should have years of experience in working with the type of materials you want installed on your home. Don’t pick a contractor that outsources labor to strangers – make sure the crew has a good relationship with the company or are actual full-time employees of the contractor.

  • Experience

    Your contractor should have plenty of references for you to check before you sign on with them. When you pick a contractor with a long, rich history in the community, you can rest assured that your project will be handled professionally and have positive outcomes.

  • Insured

    Anything can happen on a job site, so make sure if something does go awry, you’ll be covered by their insurance. Pick a contractor that carries general liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance.

Downers Grove homeowners need to look no further when it comes to finding a highly rated, insured, experienced and competent contractor to handle their siding and roofing needs. VIS Exterior has a reputation for quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Call us today at 630-230-8533 and schedule a free inspection today.


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