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Hail and wind damage after a storm in Arlington Heights can sometimes be easy to spot. Shingles will be missing, dents on the roof and siding will be apparent, siding will split, and water will be visible in the interior. However, this isn’t always the case. Some hail and wind damage can go unnoticed for months. However, even the smallest damage can eventually turn into a huge mess.

Vinyl siding & roofing in Arlington Heights, IL
Vinyl siding & roofing in Arlington Heights, IL

Have your energy bills been creeping upward? Compromised roofing systems and cracked siding can cause the insulation effect to decrease, allowing cool or heated air to escape from your home. Have you noticed cracked or peeling paint inside your home? This is a sign that water is seeping in from behind the wall, either coming through from the damaged siding, or working its way down the wall from the damaged roof.

Get free hail damage inspection about your existing exterior condition in Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights is often visited by storm clouds carrying hail and high wind. It doesn’t take baseball-sized hail to impact your home. In fact, years of small hailstorms can take a toll on the life of your roof and siding. Your best option is to have your roof and siding inspected after a storm and get to the bottom of any problem, quickly.

Do you know the age of your existing roof and siding? Older homes are particularly vulnerable to hail and wind due to the age of the siding and roof materials, which is why it is important to have your siding and roof inspected every year. In fact, all roofs should be inspected every year if they are 10 years old or older.

A roofing contractor can offer you an honest evaluation and give you an idea of how much longer your roof can last before it needs to be replaced, any repairs that should be made immediately, or if it is time to replace the entire roof immediately.

You can do a little inspecting yourself to determine if your roof and siding have been negatively impacted by that last storm that blew through Arlington Heights. Look for missing shingles or dark spots on your roof. Granule loss is also a sign that your roof has taken a beating. Some shingles might be cracked or broken, or perhaps lifted, which means the glue seals have been broken.

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We used Val and the VIS team to repair some storm damage to our roof and siding. We decided to re-side the whole house instead of repair the 2 sides with damage and Val was very helpful with helping us decide which siding options would be best for our home. The team was very efficient and professional and Val himself did some of the major structure repairs that were needed. We are very happy with our new siding and even our neighbors love the color. We will definitely call Val for future roofing and window replacement needs.

Hail and wind damage repair for your roofing and siding in Arlington Heights

Wind and hail can cause performance and cosmetic issues, both of which can be addressed quickly when you partner with the right roofing and siding contractor.

If you have noticed signs of moisture in the interior of your home, it’s important to have the necessary repairs completed before the problem gets worse. If the storm is ongoing, some roofing contractors will offer a temporary fix with a tarp, which will cover problem areas and keep the rain from flowing into your home.

Generally, hail the size of a golf ball will cause immediate damage to your roof and siding. However, hail the size of a pea can cause granule loss on your shingles. Unfortunately, hail will void most manufacturer shingle warrantees, which means you should immediately contact your roofing contractor and your insurance representative if you suspect a storm has damaged your roof or siding. Don't wait, because moisture can promote the growth of mildew and mold, which can cause rot and sickness.

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Hail and wind damage to homes in Arlington Heights can be overwhelming to homeowners. But if you choose the right contractor, you should be in good hands and have the integrity of your home restored, quickly and efficiently.

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