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Orland Park residents know the power of a summer storm and what damage it can do to their homes, particularly the roof and siding material. Whether it’s one storm producing significant wind speeds and sizable hail that does the damage or year after year of weather that eventually takes its toll, at some point, a thorough inspection of the roof and siding is required, and that’s what VIS Exterior can assist you with.

From our thorough inspection to our strategy to repair or replace the roof to our installation services, Orland Park residents know they can trust us through every phase of the project.

Vinyl siding & roofing

Orland Park hail damage inspection professionals for your exteriors

If you spot damage to your roof or siding, you know a repair or replacement project is in your future. Some types of damage are not easy to see from the ground. When you call in VIS Exterior to inspect your Orland Park home, we’ll look closely at all the usual areas where damage occurs, but we’ll also take a deep look into some hard-to-reach areas that can also contain hidden damage.

Proactive homeowners are the ones best positioned to keep their homes free of moisture. Through regular inspections you can keep small problems from becoming big headaches, so put us on your schedule.

Siding damage repair from hail & wind

When high winds whip debris around your home, some of it is going to leave its mark on your siding. Hailstorms are notorious for doing this, leaving behind dented and/or cracked siding that needs immediate attention.

If you’ve experienced a recent storm but don’t see damage, it’s a smart move to call us in, because not all damage is going to be easy for the average homeowner to spot. Rather than risk allowing moisture to impact your home’s interior, let VIS Exterior take a look and make the appropriate siding damage repairs now.

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Very efficient and professional

We used Val and the VIS team to repair some storm damage to our roof and siding. We decided to re-side the whole house instead of repair the 2 sides with damage and Val was very helpful with helping us decide which siding options would be best for our home. The team was very efficient and professional and Val himself did some of the major structure repairs that were needed. We are very happy with our new siding and even our neighbors love the color. We will definitely call Val for future roofing and window replacement needs.

Hail damage repair of any type of roofing material

Almost every roof has its own unique characteristics, from the pitch to the number of vents, skylights, etc., but also important is the type of roofing material you have installed and the various ways in which it can be repaired after a hailstorm. For example, the approach used on asphalt shingles will differ from cedar shake roofs.

At VIS Exterior, we have worked numerous architectural types and every conceivable roofing material on the market today. If hail has damaged your roof, we know how to spot it and we know how to fix it.

  • Hail damage to asphalt shingles

    While large hail can leave obvious holes in asphalt shingles, the smaller hail can over time knock off the protective granules on the shingles, which leads to more risk of damage to underlying materials and leaks.

    VIS Exterior has worked extensively with asphalt shingles and we know what to look for, how to repair it and when a replacement is in order. We’ll seek out the hardest-to-find damages and make sure any possible flaw in your shingles will be addressed.

  • Hail damage to wood shingles

    Wood shingles are known for their durability, but hail can be a big threat, especially if the wind is blowing hard enough and the hail is of the right size. While some damages will be simply cosmetic in nature, a close inspection is required to make sure these seemingly small damages aren’t actually cracks that penetrate all the way through.

    Working with wood shingles is a complex job, but VIS Exterior roofing professionals have worked with many homeowners with wood shingles that have been impacted by hail, and we know how to address your needs.

Bring back the luster of your Orland Park home following hail & wind damage

Little problems don’t go away. In fact, hail and wind damage will build up over time and become an issue that will cause issues inside the home, from flooding to mildew and dangerous mold growth and rotting substructures.

When you partner with VIS Exterior, we ensure that your home is not only safe and completely shielded from the elements, but that the roof and siding look aesthetically great, bringing more curb appeal to your home in Orland Park.

Contact us and let’s talk about your exterior needs and how we can address them.


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