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10 Useful Tips for Hiring Affordable Roofing Contractor

Exterior remodeling project photo after strong HardiePlank lap siding and roof repair in Medinah

The process of having a new roof installed might seem daunting, but the results are definitely worth it, especially when you pick the right contractor. For some homeowners, choosing the right contractor is actually the most challenging part. To make your roofing project worry-free, consider the following tips on landing the right roofing contractor.

1) Go local

When you choose a local contractor, you can easily check out their work. Just ask for references and see for yourself what they have done. If you know exactly what type of roofing system you are ...

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All About Ice Dams and Your Roof: How to Fix, Prevent and Repair

Ice on roof and gutters

The most popular roofing systems involve asphalt shingles, and most homeowners can count on that roof to remain intact and protecting everything underneath it for at least 20 years, barring massive storms.

Unfortunately, winters in the upper Midwest can offer some pretty severe weather that do significant damage. Among the worst culprits are ice dams. What are they? How do they form and what do they do to your roofing system? Furthermore, how can you prevent them from happening, and how do you approach making repairs when they do occur? Let’s take a deeper look into the issue.


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Cedar siding & shingle roofing in Downers Grove

Complete exterior remodeling project photo after siding and roofing services in Downers Grove

Exterior remodeling in Mundelein

Mundelein house exterior remodeling project photo after shingle roofing and vinyl siding replacement

Exterior remodeling in Palos Hills

Refreshing exterior remodel project photo after roofing, siding, window replacement in Palos Hills

Hail damage repair in Gurnee

Beautiful exterior renovation after hail damage project photo in Gurnee

Important Home Maintenance Tips to Keep your Home in Good Shape

Shingle roofing contractor in Carol Stream

Keeping a home in good shape requires a lot of time and effort. Most of us who have shopped for a home will think first about the price of acquiring it. However, we also have to remember our homes require regular maintenance, some more than others. What should be on your list to help you keep track of all the small and large things?

Monthly items

First, think of the stuff that should be addressed on a monthly basis. The air quality of your home is important, so check your HVAC filters and be sure that they aren’t full of dust. Furthermore, ...

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James Hardie siding & shingle roofing in Orland Park

Full exterior update project photo after james hardie siding and shingle roof repair in Orland Park

Roof Replacement, Repair and Installation Costs in Dupage County

20-square house roof replacement

We’d like them to last forever, but your roof has a life expectancy, generally no more than 20-25 years (asphalt shingle – other materials, such as slate, which is quite costly, last longer). With some general maintenance, Dupage County residents can prevent leaks, total roof system failure and protect everything under it. However, one day that roof will need a complete replacement, so the big question is – “what will it cost?”

The average cost of installing a new roof in Dupage County can vary widely because the larger the home, the more square footage the roof is, which adds ...

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Shingle roofing & James Hardie siding in Carol Stream

Old roof with GAF Architectural shingles and James Hardie siding project photo in Carol Stream

Shingle roofing in Naperville

Naperville roofing project photo after roof replacement with architectural IKO shingles

Siding & roofing in Medinah

Exterior remodeling project photo after siding and roofing replacement in Medinah

Small hail damage repair in Naperville

Small exterior repair project photo after hail damage in Naperville
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Vinyl siding & shingle roofing in Downers Grove

Charming exterior remodeling project photo after vinyl siding and shingle roofing in Downers Grove

Vinyl siding & shingle roofing in Lombard

White prodigy double 6” vinyl siding and roofing project photo in Lombard

What is the Average Life of a Roof?

Shingle roof house

When people ask about the average life of a roof, the answer should vary widely because of several factors that make one roof different from the next. While a three-tab asphalt shingled roof will last between 15 and 18 years, that’s not going to be the case with every roof of that material, and this is due to a number of issues, including the quality of the materials being used, weather and the skill level of the contractors who put it on.

Top factors that affect your roof’s lifespan

From modified bitumen and concrete ...

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What to Know About Roofing Before you Start your Renovation

Roofing renovation project

Six tips for tackling your roofing projectTaking on a roofing project is about more than the type and color of roofing material that you’ll have to choose. And while these projects can usually be completed in two to five days, there is a lot of planning to consider before you start your renovation.

Sure, getting a new roof isn’t as fun as renovating the kitchen or upgrading your bathroom, but it’s important. The roof over your head protects everything under it. It’s also the element of ...

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