Why Should You Hire a Local Roofing Company in Your Area?

It almost always makes sense to shop local. When you do commerce among the people who live and work around you, you play a role in helping the local economy thrive. But what about hiring a local roofing company in your area?

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When a local roofing contractor serves the immediate region, they’re providing services to their fellow community members. In some ways, local contractors are more inclined to provide top-quality services to their neighbors, as there is more on the line. But they also know more about the architecture and various other elements that factor into being familiar with their surroundings, which gives them the insights they need to provide superior roofing services.

Local roofers are also highly familiar with municipal rules and regulations, so they’ll know exactly what permits need to be pulled and other particulars that help them stay in line with various ordinances. Finally, they know local insurance adjusters/agents and have a history of working with them to make sure clients’ claims are properly managed.

Local vs. nationwide vs. out-of-state roofing companies

If there is one quality that nationwide roofing companies lack that local companies don’t, it’s communication skills. Local roofers don’t necessarily know everyone in the community by name, but they aren’t stretched as thin as a nationwide contractor and customers are able to connect upper management, even the owners. This approach means that the project is discussed in detail and none of the important components are glossed over and forgotten about.


The nationwide companies are often subcontracting their jobs to roofers they don’t know that well, which is another problem. Local roofers only hire people they know can help the company maintain and improve its reputation, which means they’re bringing in highly skilled people who have a passion for the job, care about homes they’re working on, go the extra mile to provide top-quality services and tackle the job with an eye for the smallest details.

Local roofers put the community first, which is not something nationwide roofers have the motivation to do. The local company is going to do what’s best for their community, which means they will take pride in their work, as it is an example of their craftsmanship.

When you need a roofer now, such as in a situation where you discover a leak, or if a big storm rolls through and damages your roof, the local guys are easier to find and faster to respond. Rather than placing a call to an out-of-state 800 number and getting connected with someone who has no idea where you’re at or how quickly they can get to your home for an inspection, the local company is going to know where your street is and send out a roofing professional in fast order.

There are many differences between national chain roofing companies and locally owned roofing companies:

The advantages for choosing local are numerous. From more positive attitudes to better warranties, faster response to more accountability – the distinctions are clear.

Different workmanship warranties

Quality local roofing contractors stand by their workmanship, which is why they’ll offer an extended 10 year warranty. If something goes wrong due to their installation services, they’ll come back and fix it. The same can’t be said for national contractors. While they might have a warranty, the out-of-state crew is slow to make repairs because they have to find someone reasonably close by to do the work. Plus, their warranties are often limited and expire quickly.

Different approach to insurance assistance

Local roofing contractors often deal with insurance companies directly, which means they know many of the insurance adjusters and will work with them on your claim so you don’t have to, which ensures that you’re covered for everything under your policy. National contractors often fail to provide this personalized level of service.

Different attitudes towards customers

Local contractors are often referred to new clients by people they know well or have worked with previously, which means when they arrive at a job or inspection, they’re meeting with someone connected to them. This situation offers a more personalized approach than what national contractors can provide. In fact, the national contractor does not always have the best interest of your community at heart and they don’t feel they have any obligations or commitments to the client, and it shows in their work. It can also show in their commitment to stand by their work.

Different quality of roofing services

There are different components working together to create a sense of value in a roofing project, and quality assurance is a major component. While the cost of roofing services is important, as is the type of materials used, you also have to account for the amount of time it takes to complete the roofing repairs or replacement. There needs to be a high level of communication throughout the project. Without quality assurance initiatives, there is no guarantee your roofing project will be a success.

Local roofing contractors are far more likely to take how they approach tracking quality more seriously than your national roofing specialist. In fact, the local contractor is more likely to make you their #1 priority. National companies are often more concerned with the volume of work they do than the quality of work.

Local support

It might not seem like a huge deal, but the more buying decisions you make locally, the more you live by example. And while buying local matters, when you partner with a local roofing contractor on your project, you’re going to reap the rewards that come with it. Not only are you doing the local economy a favor, you’re getting top-notch roofing services from someone who cares about quality and is passionate about their community.

From a competitive roof replacement cost to quality services, excellent communication to long-term warranties, supporting local roofing professionals makes a difference in more ways than one. Don’t miss out on the unmistakable benefits of shopping local.

Top reasons to choose a local roofing company for your project

One of the first things homeowners consider when researching their roofing project is cost, and that makes sense, because roof replacement isn’t cheap. Fortunately, it’s something you only have to do every 20 or 30 years. But there are aspects of a roofing project other than price that matter, because in the end, it all has to do with value.

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When you choose a local roofing company, there are some inherent perks that you need to consider, including the following.


Local roofing companies know your area best

When outsiders come into your community to take on a roofing project, they have nowhere near the familiarity that your local contractors have with the community, including the weather you’ve had over the last few years that can impact your roof, the architecture that is unique to your area, and many other factors.

If you are in need of a contractor that knows the intricacies of your area like the back of their hand, choose local, because they will glide through a roofing project without problems that can trip up a national contractor. Your local cre has already worked on homes similar to yours and they can even take a complex project and make quick work of it.


Local roofing companies have knowledge of local building codes

Some city ordinances won’t be that different from one city or township or village to the next, but rather than find out the hard way that something with your roofing project wasn’t done to code, always choose local and reduce the risk of this happening to you.

When you hire a local roofer, they’re already extremely knowledgeable of the ordinances involved in a roofing project, no matter how big or small. Even if the project is extremely complex, your local roofing contractor will make sure every aspect of it is to code and that all the necessary permits are pulled.


Local roofing companies have a reputation to protect

A tarnished reputation is tough to come back from. While that shouldn’t be the only thing that motivates a contractor to do a good job on your home, it’s a factor that national companies don’t really care about. They can play the smoke and mirrors game with their big budgeted marketing programs that make them look extra special, but they can’t measure up to the reputations developed by local contractors.

Word gets around fast in communities, so if a roofer does a bad job and fails to hold themselves accountable, it will get out and they’ll have a tough time getting work. Local roofing contractors live and work among their customers and they have every intention of not only maintaining their hard-earned reputation for quality, but improving it.


References, insurance, certification and licensing provided quickly by local roofers

How do you know that your roofing company is truly going to take care of you? One way to gain that confidence is for them to quickly prove that they are licensed, certified and insured. Failure to immediately produce these documents should be a huge red flag. Also, few things are as valuable as the references of their former customers, which they should also be quick to offer you.

A local roofing contractor has references you might even know already, so you can speak to them and get first-hand knowledge about the contractor’s level of quality. Perhaps you live close enough to the local contractors office that you can visit them and see their license for yourself. Rather than take a faith-based leap on a national roofing company, get the facts fast and easy with your local contractor and move forward with confidence.


Local roofing companies ensure faster roofing services

Nobody wants their roofing project to drag on for weeks. Living with the noise and the mess isn’t a desirable situation. When you bring a national roofing company into the project, you might not even be able to get your inspection done in a timely manner.

The response time with your local roofing company will be fast. And while they’ll make quick work of your project, they will never skimp on quality. When you hire a local contractor, you won’t have to worry about a prolonged project and a huge mess. They’ll be in and out in no time and leave your property better than they found it.


Local roofing companies are more accessible and responsive

If you have a bunch of questions about your roofing project, it might be difficult to get a knowledgeable representative on the line when you call in to a national roofing company. And even if you do get them on the phone, they won’t likely know much about your area or be able to tell you when they will be out for an inspection.

Local roofers not only have a local office, making them easy to access, but they also will tell you exactly when they can schedule your inspection and get there extra fast, especially if it’s an emergency. Rather than having to drive for hours to get to you, they might be able to get to you in minutes.


Local roofing companies have trustworthy workers

One of the biggest perks a roofing company can offer is highly skilled, trusted and experienced roofers who are installation experts. Put the best materials in the hands of an unskilled roofer and you get zero value. Local roofing companies develop their reputations as go-to contractors through hiring quality staff and nothing less.

Most local roofing companies only hire people they know. Rather than go through a trial period where the roofer is trained on the job, local roofers select their team from a proven pool of qualified locals.


Local roofing companies dedicate personal attention

Consumers today are driven to spend their hard-earned dollars with companies that offer personalized services. Local roofing companies know that better than anyone and they know how to deliver that kind of service. You’re not just a number with a local company, which is not something big corporations can say.

Personalized service involves listening to the client, getting a very clear idea of what they want and then explaining exactly what the options are and detailing the steps of the project moving forward. Big companies usually fail to follow through on this part of the project and will instead rush through it with little regard for offering personalized roofing services.


Local roofing companies are part of your community

When you spend your money locally, you’re providing a host of benefits. First off, you’re also supporting area businesses, which means you’re essentially investing in your community and helping to create jobs. When you hire a local roofing company, you’re supporting skilled professionals who live and work alongside you and also support area businesses.


Local roofing companies respond to hailstorm damage

When a hailstorm rips through your community, local roofers know exactly how bad the damage will be, as they experienced it, too. They’re going to be on high alert and ready to handle a multitude of calls from homeowners and business owners whose properties were affected.

They’ll have all their highly-trained professionals ready to perform inspections and offer advice for repairing hailstorm damage or scheduling a roof replacement. Beware of the “ambulance chasers” knocking on doors, offering cut-rate fees for their roof repair services after hail damage. Only hire a local professional you know and trust.


Time and again, big roofing companies are focused on volume rather than going above and beyond to bring personalized, quality services to each and every customer like local roofing companies do. The big companies simply lack that community spirit because they’re not part of it and have no motivation to do anything other than the bare minimum.

Your local roofing company is proud to serve those they live and work with in the community, which means they pay attention to even the finest details and don’t consider a job finished until everything is done correctly. A big, out-of-town company is not as likely to fix mistakes or finish a job to a client’s liking. Local companies have a reputation to protect and they are as equally focused on impressing their clients.

Local companies are committed to being good neighbors, because when a community works together, it is more likely to thrive. Roofing contractors are an important piece of the puzzle, as their services protect homes and businesses of all shapes and sizes, keeping the elements out of the interiors and adding that critical layer of protection everyone counts on.

Useful tips to consider when searching for the best local roofing contractor near you

The best local roofing contractor is one that is committed to excellence and never considers a job completed until everyone is happy with the results. How can you ensure that you’re getting the right roofing contractor? Consider the following tips.

Understand your local roof replacement services and options

A quality roofing contractor will offer a variety of services, including inspections, repairs and replacement services. The contractor you choose should be able to clearly explain the findings of their inspection and come up with options for you that fit your needs. They should be able to tell you how much life you have left in your roof, whether small repairs now can hold you over or if you’re at risk for leaks that could damage your property and you need immediate, major work.

They should clearly outline the roofing material options that fit your type of structure, your aesthetic preferences and your budget. Their strategy for repairing or replacing your roof should be defined in phases and they should be able to give you a timeline of what will happen and when. And finally, they should be able to tell you with a great deal of accuracy how much the replacement or repairs will cost.

Work with a local roofing contractor with a proven history in your area

As you’re researching local roofing contractors for your project, ask for references. One of the best tools you have at your disposal is the recommendation of others. Your contractor should have numerous examples of their work that you can see and statements from the clients about their experience with the company.

Your best option is to choose the local contractor that has years of experience working with your fellow community members on their homes and businesses. They’re going to be committed to maintaining their already valued reputation and standing within the community.

Find a local roofing contractor with consistent pricing and verifiable contact details

You’re looking for a contractor that isn’t “low-balling,” because those are the ones that are cutting costs by either using inferior materials and/or hiring inexperienced, cheap labor. You’re looking for a contractor that offers competitive pricing – but what does that mean?

DuPage County residents and business owners need to know that the average asphalt shingle roofing project costs $8,200. For new cedar shakes, the average cost is $16,500. Your project could cost less, or it could run higher, but there are a number of factors that go into determining this.

The four major factors include the size of your home, the pitch of the roof, the number of accessories on the roof and the design of the home. Obviously, the larger the home, the more materials it will take to reroof it. There will also be more labor involved with a larger structure. If the pitch of the roof is steep, it will be more difficult to work on and take longer to finish. Accessories include things like skylights, chimneys, vents and other obstructions that have to be worked around. The architecture, if basic, can make the project less difficult and less expensive. The opposite is true of a more home with a more complex design.

Your roofing contractor will take all of these factors into consideration and come up with an accurate estimate for what your reroofing project will cost.

Ensure that your local roofing contractor is properly regulated

Only choose a roofing contractor that is licensed, insured and certified. If a contractor can’t show you their license, they’re probably not legit and you should look elsewhere.

If they’re not insured, they’re cutting costs, but they’re also putting you at risk, because if something goes wrong and they’re uninsured, you’re going to have to foot all the costs for the repairs.

Finally, when your roofer is certified with the roofing material manufacturer, your roof will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, which means if their product fails, you’ll be covered. The same can’t be said for non-certified roofers.

Research online for experienced roofers

Searching online for a quality roofing contractor is the #1 method for homeowners to get their project started. While reading the contractors “about us” page can be informative, you’re going to get a lot more out of reviews from customers.

New contractors with little experience in your area are not going to have much of an online presence, so unless they’ve worked with someone you know and you can get information from them about their level of service, it’s basically a gamble if you decide to hire them.

But you don’t have to rely on the Internet alone to do your research. All reputable roofers will have a portfolio you can examine. They should be proud of their work and document it so prospective customers can see exactly what they’re capable of.

Ask the right questions to know why should you trust a local roofing contractor

As we’ve said before, quality roofing contractors are excellent communicators. They should be eager to talk to you about your project and be open to any and all questions. Bad contractors will avoid this kind of communication, and this should be a red flag for you, because when the project is under way and you have questions, the contractor should be willing and able to address all concerns.

The following are some questions you should consider asking before hiring a roofing contractor:

  • How many years of experience do you have in the area?
  • Can you show me your license, proof of insurance and which roofing material manufacturers you’re certified with?
  • Can I have a list of local references I can talk to?
  • Do you have a warranty on your workmanship?
  • Do you have a project manager that will keep me informed through every phase of the project?

The best roofing contractors will already know the questions you’ll likely ask them and they will be happy to answer. Furthermore, they’ll be eager to help you make a more informed decision and do what they can to make the entire process easier for you.

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Red flags that alert you to avoiding bad roofers in your area

When you know what to look for, you can avoid getting roped into a bad situation with a less-than-reputable roofing contractor. The following are the red flags you need to look for.

They’re a new roofing company

Every reputable roofing contractor was once a brand new company, hoping someone would take a chance with them. Maybe they made some mistakes along the way but learned from them and are now highly experienced and extremely reliable. Your best option is to hire local roofers in your area that have earned you business by having years and years of experience.

They lack local referrals

When a roofing contractor has few or no references, they’re either so new that they don’t have any to offer, or they’re hiding something. In either situation, a lack of referrals is a major red flag that you should have a strong reaction to. One of the best bits of advice you can get is through previous customers, so don’t miss out on that key component.

They’re not fully licensed or insured

The majority of homeowners who have undertaken a roofing project will attest to the fact that none of the roofing contractors they seriously considered were without insurance or a business license. This is pretty much step one in the process: if they don’t have a license or insurance, move on, because they can’t be held accountable should something go wrong.

They aren’t local roofers

Some non-local roofers will try to be slick and hide where they’re actually from. Look around and see if you can find their physical address, but be wary of the ones that only list a P.O. box. Knowing that most homeowners trust local contractors, they will sometimes claim to be from your town/village, but they aren’t – they just send in people from nearby communities. Don’t risk a situation where you need immediate attention but can’t get it because the roofers are from miles and miles away. Only choose a contractor that can prove they’re from your area.

The more research you do to confirm that your list of finalists are actually from your area, the better off you’ll be. The effort pays off in the end.

Where to find a “local roofing company near me”

As you do your online search for “local roofing companies near me,” there are a number of things to pay attention to in the results. Use the following tips to get more out of your online search for local roofing companies in your area.

Search engines (Google/Bing/Yahoo!)

The top search engines in order of popularity are Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Your most relevant keywords as you search will be “local roofing company near me” and “local roofing contractor in (insert your town here).”

You can also try a variation of those searches, including “top rated roofing contractor” or “most trusted roofing contractor.” The websites that come up on the first page are the ones with the most web traffic associated with those keywords.

Review websites

Another valuable source of information includes Yelp, Facebook and NextDoor, where you can look up specific contractors and read reviews from actual customers. This is often one of the most persuasive sources of information that will lead to you narrowing down your list of finalists.

Local homeowner’s word-of-mouth referrals

Among the most powerful bits of advice you’ll get about choosing a roofing contractor will come from people you know who have had firsthand experiences with local contractors. These will be the people who tell you which ones to connect with and which ones to avoid.

Again, the more research you do in finding a local roofing company that will help you with your roofing project, the better the results will be. Rather than stressing out about your choice, all the research you’ve done will pay off and you will have a stress-free experience.

When is the right time to look for local roof replacement or installation?

The ultimate determination of whether you need a new roof or repairs now or later is going to be from your roofing inspector. They will know if you’ve got some life left in your roof or if it requires immediate assistance.

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You can take a look for yourself and see if you’ve got evidence of moisture in your attic or perhaps even some rotting wood. If you see either of these, it’s time to get a local roof installation expert in to have a look. Whether it’s local roof replacement or repair, your inspector will help you set the plan in motion.

Finally, has it been 20-plus years since your roof was replaced or installed? It might not look like it needs a local house roofing expert’s assistance, but the older a roof gets, the less able it is to stand up to punishing storms.

Get exceptional local roofing services you can depend on

We specialize in local house roofing services at VIS Exterior. We’re a top local roofing services provider in the Chicago area and we’re ready to assist you with your aging or failing roof. From roof inspections to replacements to repairs after a hailstorm, we’re the local roofing company that your neighbors call when they need a trusted expert on their side.

Don’t bring in an outside company that won’t have your best interests at heart; contact us and we will provide the following services for you:

  • Inspection
  • Planning services
  • Insurance mediator
  • Roofing material removal
  • Roof replacement services
  • Roof repair services
  • Complete site clean up
  • Final inspection

Our team has a reputation for handling all the roofing needs of our customers and doing it with a sense of local pride. When you need local roofing services that are competitively priced but are of premium quality, go with VIS Exterior.

Work with the best local roofing company in DuPage County

VIS Exterior is the best local roofing and siding company that established a reputation for excellence. Our focus is on our community and it shows in the type of outcomes we achieve. We only hire full time employees who have a proven record of roofing excellence, whether it’s inspecting a roof, developing a strategy for addressing its issues, making simple to complex repairs or completely replacing the roofing system.

Roofing homeowners

Need more information about what we do? We’ll share our references with you and give you first-hand examples of our work in the immediate area. We’re licensed, insured, certified and committed to excellence, so contact us and schedule your inspection today.

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