The Advantages of Installing New Vinyl Siding

House after new vinyl siding installation services

Replacing siding is one of the most impactful home improvement projects a homeowner can undertake. However, with so many choices of siding on the marketing today, and from so many vendors, the project can be intimidating and difficult to plan. However, a smart place to start is vinyl siding. It is among the most used siding materials, and there are many reason for that.

Homeowners’ first appeal to vinyl siding is related to cost – it’s among the least expensive siding materials on the market. Even for homeowners who have more extravagant budgets, vinyl siding might win out over other siding choices due to other factors, one of which is the variety of shapes, styles and colors that manufacturers can produce.

A drawback for some homeowners is related to defects associated with early vinyl siding produced in the 1950s, which was susceptible to damage by wind, hail, sun and extreme temperatures. However, today’s manufacturers are working with more advanced materials and tools that produce stronger siding and with more options.


Vinyl siding is safe. In fact, it is in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association’s regulations in regard to cables (electrical and data transmission). Using siding that’s not in compliance with the regulations could lead to fire when it comes into contact with cables.


While safety is a big factor with homeowners, so too is the aesthetic. One of the first things a homeowner will consider when shopping (aside from price) is how the siding will look on their home: how it will improve the appearance of the overall home, and if the siding will offer more curb appeal. Color, texture, size and shape – they’re all components that are applicable to vinyl siding production.


For people looking for a more traditional style, like stone, wood or slate – vinyl siding can be made to order. It can also be transformed into non-traditional textures that please the homeowner’s unique tastes.

For homeowners in historic structures, any upgrade to the home has to be perfectly considered if they want to maintain the authenticity of it. Fortunately, vinyl siding is made to fit structures from many historic eras in architectural design. The added benefit is that these homeowners get the look of a by-gone era, yet they also get the insulating factor of vinyl siding, which helps to cut down on energy costs.

Energy Efficient

Vinyl siding can be installed over existing siding, or on its own. Its light and can is easy to work with, which means your siding contractor can get the job done fast and efficiently. Furthermore, there are cost savings associated with the fact that vinyl siding doesn’t have to be painted – homeowners simply choose the color they like and they don’t have to spend money on paint and/or painters to get the job done.

Contact VIS Exterior today and let’s talk about your siding project. We’ll go over all the options you have in vinyl siding styles from the best siding manufacturers in the industry today.

Val Slajus
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Val Slajus

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