How to Pick the Right Roofing Contractor

House before exterior remodeling

It’s not exactly the home remodeling project that homeowners look forward to, but it’s a critical part of the home that requires attention. But when it comes to choosing a roofing contractor, where do you begin and who can you trust? There are plenty of horror stories out there about homeowners who have had nightmarish experiences, and you don’t want to be one of them. Here are a few things to consider as you begin your search for a roofing contractor that will make your roofing project a breeze.

Price, while certainly a consideration, isn’t everything. The cheapest bid isn’t always going to come from the best contractor. The old adage, “you get what you pay for,” is certainly applicable to roofing contractors working out of a truck as a side business. The price might be right, but the quality isn’t going to be there. If your dream of having a cedar shake roof is shot down by a reputable roofing contractor who offers a bid that doesn’t fit your budget, you’re better off picking a more cost effective material and an excellent contractor.

Choose a local contractor. This is your best chance to find an established business with a fine reputation in the community, and to reach out to former clients and ask them about their experience. In fact, you should ask your prospective roofing experts for a list of references that you can call. Most roofing contractors will offer a warranty. You want to make sure your contractor is going to be around in five years to honor that warranty, which is another reason to insist on partnering with a local contractor with an established reputation.

Are you looking for a roofing contractor right now because a big storm just hit you? Beware of storm chasers – they’re the ones that knock on your door looking for business, and they’re not always going to be the most trusted contractors. Again, choose a local reliable contractor with a proven track record. Storm chasers might want money up front before any work is completed or even begun. Never fork over any funds until the work is completed and all terms of your contract are met to your satisfaction.

An insured contractor is a must. Accidents happen, even with the best roofing contractors, which is why you should only considered those who are insured. Have them show you their certificates and contact the carrier to ensure their account is in good standing. While you’re doing background checks, you can also ask for their tax identification number and business address and verify that they are indeed legitimate.

To get deeper into your contractor’s reputation, call the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation at (888) 473-4858. The Better Business Bureau also has ratings for contractors, so check with them at (703) 276-0100.

VIS Exterior has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and we’ve been accredited with the BBB since 2011. While that is important to us, we’re more concerned with what our clients have to say, which is why we focus on communication and customer satisfaction. We’ve steadily transformed the exteriors of Naperville area homes for 15 years. Contact us today and let’s discuss your roofing project.

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