Important Home Maintenance Tips to Keep your Home in Good Shape

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Keeping a home in good shape requires a lot of time and effort. Most of us who have shopped for a home will think first about the price of acquiring it. However, we also have to remember our homes require regular maintenance, some more than others. What should be on your list to help you keep track of all the small and large things?

Monthly items

First, think of the stuff that should be addressed on a monthly basis. The air quality of your home is important, so check your HVAC filters and be sure that they aren’t full of dust. Furthermore, this is helpful because your heating and cooling appliances will operate more efficiently with clean filters.

Is there a funky smell coming from the kitchen? When was the last time you cleaned the sink disposal? Toss vinegar and ice down the drain and fire up the disposal. This will clear out any organic material and sharpen the blades on your disposal.

Your fire extinguishers also deserve a monthly inspection. Is it in a place that’s easy to access? Does it have any visible signs of damage? Having your extinguisher in working order and in the right place can prevent a complete disaster.

Quarterly tasks

On a less frequent basis, your list should include testing your plumbing in areas that get little use. For instance, if you’ve got a guest bedroom that hasn’t seen a guest in a while, you will want to check the sink and toilet for leaks. Also, cycling some water through them will help prevent grime from collecting.

You should also test your smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors on a quarterly basis. Simply hit the “test” button and brace yourself for the alarm. If it doesn’t go off, replace the battery and try it again.

Bi-annual projects

It’s advisable to give your entire home a deep clean twice a year. This includes your appliances, baseboards, windows, carpets and all the little spaces that can collect mounds of dust and dirt. Even get behind your refrigerator and vacuum the coils where dust gathers and can go undetected.

While you’re doing your deep cleaning, check your windows for any damages and that the caulking hasn’t dried and begun to chip away. Inspect your siding for any buckling or dents that might have been caused by heavy wind and debris.

Also, visually inspect your roof for any damage. For instance, if you look into your gutters and see a collection of tiny pebbles, these are most likely the protective outer coating of your shingles, which means it could be time to repair or replace them.

Exterior maintenance contractor

The average homeowner shouldn’t carry out all the maintenance tasks required to keep a home in tip-top shape. When it comes to roofing, windows, gutters and siding, you will need to bring in the expertise of a trusted contractor. At VIS Exterior, we’ve got the credentials and experience to pull off any project related to your exterior. Call us today for a free inspection at (630) 230-8533.

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Val Slajus

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