Top 10 Most Common Roofing Problems

Roof shingle repair with hummer

The roof system on your house has an important job – it protects everything that makes your house a home. Unfortunately, your roof won’t last forever and there will be signs along the way that prove that your roof has is not immortal, so to speak. In many cases, these are issues that can be repaired, but as your roof ages, it becomes apparent at some point that a new system is in your near future.

Unlike other areas of your home that are easy to access, your roof is not exactly the safest thing for you to inspect. Therefore, homeowners are not really aware of the issues impacting the health of the roof until it’s too late and we notice moisture on the ceiling or on walls. Furthermore, most homeowners don’t know what to look for if they even did have easy access to the roof. So, let’s go over some of the most common roofing problems so you will know what to look for:

1) Bad ventilation

Did you know your house is supposed to “breathe?” It’s true. Circulation of air throughout the home, inside and out, is crucial. If you don’t have adequate ventilation and air movement in your attic, excess heat and moisture will cause the roof decking to dry rot.

2) Creatures

Everything from birds to insects can compromise the integrity of your roofing system. Some roofing materials are more prone to damage by critters than others, but if you detect them trying to make your roof their home, find a way to get rid of them.

3) Bad installation

In a perfect world, your roof was installed by experts who have all the experience necessary to get your system installed right. However, this isn’t always the case, which means the expected life of a roof is drastically reduced.

4) Trees

Trees are a great asset to your property, but if they’re hanging over the top of your roof and making contact with it, your singles will wear away faster than they should. This means they will be at risk for letting moisture into your home.

5) Little to no maintenance

Your roof is subject to anything Mother Nature can throw at it, which means it needs to be inspected regularly, because what might be a minor issue today can snowball into a major issue later.

6) Bad membrane

The substance under your shingles is called a roof membrane, which can shrink under severe conditions. This causes blistering, which will result in cracks, ridging, splitting and various levels of surface erosion of your shingles.

7) Puncture

During a big windstorm, anything can become a damaging projectile. Hail is often the most feared, but anything of substance that takes flight in a stiff wind can find its way embedded into your roof, which will lead to big problems later.

8) Standing water

Many things can lead to water essentially ponding on your roof. Depressions causes by a weakened substructure, areas around HVAC units, gutters and a buildup of debris can all lead to standing water, which will eventually work its way through the roof and into your home.

9) Bad flashing

Chimneys, sky lights, vent pipes, cooling and heating systems – they’re all important parts of your home that require flashing to integrate correctly to your roof system. However, if the flashing isn’t installed correctly or is damaged, it becomes the Achilles heal of the system.

10) Clogged gutters

We don’t always think about what’s going on with our gutters, but every time the trees shed their leaves, a percentage of them find their way into the gutter, which can eventually lead to clogs that impact the roof. Dust, dirt and other debris are also culprits, which is why it’s advised that your gutters be cleaned twice a year.

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At VIS Exterior, we know that you want to keep your roof as long as possible, which is why we offer comprehensive solutions, including thorough inspections and repair services. Furthermore, when your roof has reached the end of its life, we have years of experience installing new systems. We offer various roofing options from leading manufacturers of shingle and cedar systems. Contact us today and schedule an inspection of your roof and we’ll help you avoid the common roofing problems.

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